God is turning your Captivity Psalm 126

​When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Psalms 126:1 KJV

This Psalm is speaking of the condition of the captives in Babylon. They were taken away as Jeremiah prophesied because they rejected the Word of the Lord which was to submit to Babylon. Instead they rebelled and Nebuchadnezzar came and took Jerusalem and tore down the temple and made Zion a mount of rubble. 

The spiritual condition of the people going into Captivity was not the same when they came out! 

And consider Jeremiah 29 which we can all quote and out of context! 

Jeremiah is explicit about the Captivity being 70 years! 

And what happened to God’s people in captivity ? They prospered. 

But in that time a new heart came into the people. A new heart for God. It was embodied in a particular place: Zion.  

Were they desiring that place? Not exactly. They were desiring what it represented.  

It represented a place where God had chosen to dwell.  Psalm 132 explains the heart of David to have God rest His Presence with His People. And in Zion was exactly a place where the Glory of God met with man in a special dispensation.  That dispensation extended to the people by God was because who was leading the nation was a King who was also a priest and prophet. Therefore God honoured this leadership with a special time of accessible glory. Psalm 137. 

Now the Captives remembered Zion and their desire was that not only was there a house to live in but a place to know God’s presence in intensity and a city of prosperity. 

Their cry was for God to turn their captivity. 

To do that God turned a powerful nation called Babylon into a weak one and eventually within 2 generations Babylon was taken over by Medes and Persians and came forth Cyrus to send a governmental decree that God’s people return to build the House of God.

God did great things for that people. For this reason they were joyful. And those who went into a foreign land weeping as they went would now return with joy. 

So we need to bring this into our reality. 

I saw how the people erected the altar in the midst of many enemies yet they did it and God restored them. 

Today we are in a sort of captivity whether it be political, spiritual or moral. Today there is crisis at every turn and an atmosphere of impending attack. We are captive to our fears. 

But as God was to bring down the captors and bring forth leaders who want God will restore the fortunes of God’s people. 

In every major thing God does is He sets His People with a cry in their heart. He birthed in them the remembrance what was Zion. The presence of God, the peace and prosperity.  

God will birth in you a remembrance of His Zion for you. And He will move political and spiritual leadership to do it.

He will set His People praying and crying out for the restoration. 

The people prospered in Captivity but what was missing was the Presence of God embodied in a Temple and a Priesthood. 

We need to also see that God wants To restore to us our “Temple” where His Glory hovers. Where the angels cry “Holy”. 

Many of us despite our “Captivity” of sickness or family issue may have grown accustomed to a limited life. Yet God wants to bring to your remembrance that He wants to bring you back to your Zion. There is a time of isolation and dislocation but He will bring you back. 

He will not bring you back because Zion is beautiful. No, in those days it had been reduced to rubble. It was the accessible Glory of God that sustains and provides the conditions for Shalom, peace and prosperity and health. 

Zion was covenantal as is yours. Remember when God extended to you His personal covenant. 

As God made significant moves to get His People back to Zion He will bring you to your restoration. 


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