The 5th Gospel part 3: The Alpha and the Omega 

Jesus introduces Himself to John. John already knew Jesus in the flesh; but this meeting was no ordinary meeting. 

It was Jesus glorified. 

John is awed by His Brightness. Hebrews 1:3 says He is the exact representation of the Father. The brightness of His Glory! So when you see brightness you are seeing Yeshua. 

Yeshua introduces Himself as the Alpha and Omega. The first and the last. He is the first because He is the source of all that we are and have in Him. 

He is the forerunner of all we walk in. He not only walked it out but established all things in Himself. 

In Jude presents Yeshua presenting us to the Father faultless and without imperfection. Where does our perfection come from? Comes from Him!!!

Every Word we read we see that Jesus already walked it out; He being our roadbuilder cutting through the rocks and mountains! 

Isaiah says the highway Yeshua maps out for us is called the Highway of Holiness.

This is found in Isaiah 35:8.

This passage is very special because it formed part of a rhema Word I needed for Portugal in 1997. 

It was virgin territory for me. If I were a pastor it would have been easy to go the traditional route and get a Church. 

God promises that on this highway He would transform the empty desert in a fruitful plain.

So Yeshua is our Alpha. He is our starting point and our priority. 

But He is also our Omega.  That means He is our Destiny. He is our Bridegroom. In Matthew 25 Jesus likens His Coming again as a Jewish wedding where He leaves His House, Heaven ; descends to the House of the Bride. The Ecclesia. 

He is coming because the New Heaven and Earth is IN HIM!!!

He is the last Word. Omega being the last Greek letter. It was Yeshua who said “Let there be light” . Genesis 1:3.

It will be Yeshua who will say: “Behold I make all things new!

So it brings us to a new dimension in our consciousness of prayer. 

If Yeshua is our Omega then if we access this in prayer we will be guaranteed to see the fulfilment of every promise made to us Prophetically.  Jesus taught us how to pray: “Your Kingdom come, your Will be done as it is in heaven may it be on earth. “This is the Omega dimension of prayer in  that we are convicted that Yeshua will operate in us and through us the ultimate purpose for which He chose us. 

He is the Omega because NOTHING will be left unfulfilled. He will perfect all things in Himself! As He is the creator He shall be the perfecter. 

It may seem detailed to you but what I am sharing is fresh inspiration which should inspire us to meditate and contemplate on Him!!! 

He is our all and only devotion! May we fall in love and awe of Him!!!



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