New structures of the posts

I have been sending out posts which for some are of a level that for some may be far advanced. One must publish what God gives but at the same time must also direct and adjust his message between those of various levels of maturity. 

Therefore I am going to open 2 new categories. One being Scholar of the Word, the other Student of the Word. The scholar is well learned and the material there will be at that level. Meanwhile the Student level will have access to the same Word but broken down into palatable Word bites. 

Therefore from know please watch this blog from the categories and see which you desire to follow. 

The student will learn at a slower pace until he reaches a certain level. We value and respect this level. For one to be a Scholar requires a commitment of time and call.

The student desires the Word but acknowledges his level.

So watch for the categories;

1. Scholar of the Word.

2. Student of the Word. 

Decide what you desire to follow. 

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