Reason for the Season part 4: An invitation to see

When you consider the Christmas story we see many people who were invited to see the Angelic host; the star; Jesus Himself.

What they came to see was the object of their pursuit and the determination of eternity.


What God chooses to show you is the celebration of heaven itself.  So in the context of war and occupation by the Romans; was heaven celebrating then, how much more now?

We forget that as much as Yeshua came as a babe He will be manifest as King to involve us in the completion of the heavenly plan.


As the Magi journeyed months from the east we see them in complete understanding of what they were being led into.

The shepherds were invited by God to see.

This Christmas God makes an invitation for you to come and see. However the journey you must see. For what you see and understand will bring you hope.

This season has many distractions and the world will invite you to see and eat. But it leads you to emptiness. 

What God invites you to see in this context of conflict and death is hope.

If anything more I sense beyond my natural perceptions that whilst chaos will try to reign I sense the King will bring us increasingly to visualise our eternal hope.

May we journey to see at His Invitation so that instead of chaos we will visualise the Eternal City. .whose foundation is God.


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