Reason for the Season part 5: gifts that personalise the person of Jesus


The Magi in Matthew 2 divinely guided offered gold; frankincense and myrrh.

We all remember these gifts and even we remember their significance. However there is an aspect in which is interesting to understand.

The Magi offered what was Jesus’ person and mission. And if we are to understand; it is important that the way we live; express our life of mission; and how we deal with the bitterness of life must reflect perfectly the person of Jesus.

Today 25th December we give and receive presents but we need to reflect what will we give to Jesus. What we give to Him is indicative of the depth and richness of our life in Him. And from this our story of our life and mission will be told to many generations.

Let us draw near to Him so that in offering our lives that what is seen and heard will reveal Christ.


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