Year of the Whirlwind: special application

The international prophetic elders gathered to pray and get God’s word for this year. I can only say that I always test these words. But the words that came from them struck true in my spirit.


The Lord has quickened this to me to retransmit this along the several streams I use for social media and communications. The Lord says that there is a change taking place…SUDDENLIES OF GOD. The Lord is translating one prophetic generation and bringing in those He has chosen. We need to be ready…because the Lord is about to manifest in a whirlwind. This whirlwind brings sudden changes, and is it this characteristic of this year. The Lord is saying “pick up the mantle.” It is time to pick up that for which you were prepared. There is no time for delay, for this is the appointed hour. It is time to come into the DOUBLE PORTION. What we saw till now will not compare with what is coming.


1. The season of change has come

2. The season of going from qualifying stations has come, prove yourself in Bethel, that is your local church, in Gilgal, in sancitification preparation, and Jordan, pass the tests of faith.

3. Gain heavenly vision and conscience, because the key to entering the spirit of “Elijah” is seeing.

Believe me this is that year.



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