Special Post

God has a dream, a plan for you and I. But He knows the meandering of our hearts, and He knows we will sometimes reject His dreams in favour of our comforts and our laziness.

He has a great plan, and sheds tears when we rely on our own understanding because it meets an immediate want, but does not satisfy an eternal necessity. He knows the decisions which we will regret with a high price. The stresses which bring disease, the sadness which brings bitterness and a decline with the years we live.

He knows the plans He has for us. They are good plans, but you go, rejecting His Plans…and for that you wander years in habits and addictions which thrust your cells and your blood into the plans of the enemy of our lives…bringing us into diseases and conditions so debilitating.

He shows you His Cross, the place of ugliness, of blood, of humiliation, of forsaking, of loneliness, of death, and He says YOU DO NOT NEED TO EXPERIENCE THESE, FOR I TOOK THEM ON MYSELF.

The Lord says allow His Sweetness to come…and your life and your body, your soul, your circumstances will be sweet ALL round.

The choice is in your hands.


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