And now for something totally different: Letter to America Apostasy is at your door

I am deeply angered and grieved. I have embarked upon a campaign I never thought I would embark on.

Yesterday came out a post from John Hagee. It went like this.


A very powerful and prophetic statement.

It uncovered the most disgusting and repulsive apostate response from ministers who call themselves apostles and prophets. They said that this statement is warmongering and hateful. That America is God’s nation. And that God is a God of Grace.

I felt angry and furious in spirit. So much so that I had to make a stand and break relationship with a few people.  People cannot attack Israel and I stay silent.

Let me give you a background.

In 1993 I too had to have my own revelation. I was part of a team which ministered prophetically and my brother in Christ used to have Israel meetings in the house we lived in. A hate came into my heart. I hated Israel in my heart.

God took me to Portugal. I spent 7 days in intense prayer. There God showed me how misguided I was about Israel and showed me from heaven’s perspective. I knew I had to repent for my heart condition. The Jews are still His People!

The Lord showed me what He meant when Paul warns Timothy of a massive apostasy that was coming.

The massive apostasy is the rejection of the Hebrew roots of our faith, a rejection of a still in vigor covenant God has with His Covenant People, the Jews and other tribes. A belief that the Church replaced Israel in the Election of God.

This is the view held by most American ministries and many across the world. It is the door which Satan uses to deceive and exclude from God’s end time plan. 

The hatred toward Israel is not prejudice in its normal sense, it comes from spiritual entities from the higher realms. With it comes all manner of deceits and false doctrines.

Paul in Romans 9-11 lays out the panorama. Did God forsake His People the Jews?  No.

Is their rejection their exclusion? No. It is for our inclusion.

So I today warn you that however the majority attack anyone who stands for Israel is never right. The Bible shows us that the majority are always wrong and the minority is always the ones who break through into God’s favour.

People can argue that God cannot forsake. Be surprised. God forsook Sodom and Gommorrah.

The Roman Empire fell.

Any nation  that sets itself against God and His People are set for a fall. It is historical and it is evident.

Syria today is almost all rubble. Cities destroyed. Gaza has been through many conflicts.

Be warned!


2 thoughts on “And now for something totally different: Letter to America Apostasy is at your door

  1. Our apostate, muslim president and his cohorts have turned away from Israel in favor of Iran, not America. His illegal group will be gone in January, 2017. Our Congress, now controlled by Republicans, supports Israel. The same comments can be said about Great Britain, for it embraces islam more than we do…Dr Will Zook

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