The End Time Church: A remnant

Jesus said the end days would be characterised by deceit and the deceived.


Jesus said not even the “Elect” would be immune. That means we need to make our Election solid and sure. It means we need to be constantly in self evaluation.


It means also we test all we hear. We test even those we are subject to.

1 John says we have been given an anointing that causes us to know what we have been taught. That knowing according to the Hebrew is yadah.

Yadah is the highest form of knowing. It is the knowing that comes out of union.

So when something comes from a different origin than the one we know it will immediately strike us as strange.


The Old Testament spoke about the Levites who lit “strange fire” in their censors and how God dealt with them. God needs to light the Fire and Speak the Word into our hearts.

We need to respect leaders but we must test their motives because it is here that strange fire burns. 


The yadah in our lives is what we need to seek for. Live for. For it is from this union comes revelation and discernment.

Where does deception come? When doubt is brought into our ignorance. When we forget the whispers of the Spirit as we seek Him and as we walk in Him.

There is nothing to fear. If we are in yadah in God all that is deception will be seen as strange fire. We will be warned and will walk accordingly.

But the deception  will be such that the minority will live the faith until the end. Many will go after power and riches, others after works of the flesh.

But God has always reserved and preserved a remnant. 

We need to be like the Bereans who did not content themselves with signs or powerful words but the Word was searched.


Caleb and Joshua went into the land because they held to the Promise of God’s Word and His works.

You will go into all your promises as you seek the yadah.



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