The End Time Church : A prophetic generation

Joel 2 is spoken of in terms of the outpouring of the Spirit but it speaks of an outpouring of the prophetic Word. When you look at the prophetic in Luke 2 you see a depth that is sometimes missing today.


We need to see when God is about to do something new there is a Word that comes forth. We need to have a new commitment to the Word.

The prophetic is essential in any move of God. Not just any word. A deep word. A word like Simeon’s of Luke 2 which draws back the mystery of eternity and shows God’s plan for a Church.

We need the mystery today to be drawn back of the Coming again of Jesus and of eternity.

I am as we speak preparing a manual of the prophetic. The Lord gave me a vision 5 years ago of this manual. It will be foundational and will include the moulds which the prophetic moves and how the moves of God start. It will also help in interpreting times and seasons. Help in discerning the gift, the anointing and the Office of prophet.

As this ministry has no support we rely simply on the Lord for day to day living. We are praying for partners to help us publish and reach with the Word new communities of faith.

If you want to support me in this endeavour please use PayPal using address: 

This will enable to publish the manual quickly and send some free to some ministries.

The end time Church is a prophetic Church because it accurately communicates the times and seasons and brings us into the faith realm where miracles happen.


Wherever the Spirit is moving the Word must take centre stage. If not it is not a real move of God.

Do we read the Word?

I am afraid we gave little time to read the Word. It requires more than reading. It requires prayerful approaches and applications. It needs the Spirit to reveal the dimension that God wants to take us into.

The prophetic Word is a door in heaven as in Revelation 4 where we see and touch heaven’s programme that we may convey His ways.



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