The End Time Church: This is that…that was spoken by the prophet….

We continue with our series. The Lord brought me this message in our worship time in our Church this morning.

Peter stands up AFTER the manifestation shakes those who were spectators.

He says : This is that…


The End Time Church walks in what was spoken by other generations. That is because other generations prayed and prophesied the steps we now walk in. The outpouring of the Spirit is spoken about in great detail in Joel chapter 2. It speaks of signs, of generations, speaks of the end times.

Your life has been foreseen by other generations, spoken about. Now you need to walk in that prophetic dimension to begin to walk out what was glimpsed. God showed the saints of yesteryears the things which He is about to pour out on us. He is about to pour out a deluge of His Spirit because the harvest of the nations is upon us. This is no terminology…it is Bible. The Bible talks about two rains, one former, and one latter. The Latter Rain is the move of the Spirit which began when the world declared Israel a nation in 1947. From then the Spirit began to rain down on the Church getting her ready for the greatest restoration of gifts, the Spirit, the governmental ministry. Finally, when all is restored, according to Revelation 22 a double cry will flow out, and up to heaven, the cry of the Bride and of the Spirit for Jesus to come.

“The Spirit and the Bride say come…”

How prophetic that is. The sign of the End Time Church is the falling in love with Yeshua. It is having Yeshua being the centre of what we are or do. It is no more the fascination with titles, or roles. It is the fascination with our deepening vision of Yeshua Himself.

The End Time Church has been spoken down the ages by those who walk and live in the prophetic dimension. That is the heavenly dimension that we see detail, strategy, and the business of heaven in bringing in the New Creation. It is that same new creation which came into our heart. It started in us personally, and will culminate when Jesus will come to wrap up all and according to Isaiah 65, “make all things new.

There will rise in our spirit a new cry…”Come Lord Jesus.” This cry is in the person of the Spirit who longs to bring forth that new Creation where no longer will we need the faith in the invisible but live in those spiritualities which are now seen and are touchable.

Peter had a new understanding that what they were living, is a fulfilment of ancient scripture. We in turn are just about to live and experience that which was spoken by the prophets…


Like the picture above, we see the road go off into the distance, that is symbolic of time, the destination we can see, we can describe, but we are in that car…going down time toward the beautiful fulfilment. Our cry must never be for ministry, for leadership…we must let the Holy Spirit breathe…that new cry…for where the Spirit is, is Jesus…glorified.

The End Time Church must adjust its focus, because that Cry is one of intimacy and love. It is no longer on the level of service. We all were there once, when God called us…we wondered at our authority, our service…now after all the experiences and brokeness we have come to see that we are NOTHING WITHOUT HIM.

We sometimes do not recognise the breaking, because we look for comfort, we look for answers. When He breaks us into dependence we come into a place of intimacy…

The signs in nature, in gifts, in communities is the result of that which is poured out…it is not poured out to make us servants…but witnesses of His Son…His sons…

WE are living in that which was spoken by the prophets…because the Spirit is birthing a cry within us…for Him. 



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