Treating Transition Part 6: Antioch The transitional Church

Acts 11 shows us a church that transitioned in various dimensions of ministry.

We see the evangelistic, teaching, prophetic at work. All against the backdrop of pastoral care too.


Antioch I believe is the correct model for the Church. It speaks of balance and diversity.

It also speaks of a richness of grace poured out on a congregation which would become a missionary centre of the world.

If it were not for Antioch you and I would not be enjoying the richness of salvation. So it’s effect on the ages is incredible.

It can also be an indication of the model and attitude which God wants of us to impact the generations that are coming. 


Let us examine key points of that Church
1. Joyful and outward looking.
2. Faithful in learning the Word
3. Fast to respond to a prophetic warning with generosity
4. Fast to learn and be flexible with the move of God.
5. They prayed and fasted together.

You get churches today that enshrine the move they may have had in the past but did not press foward into other dimensions. They stay stuck in that experience. Pentecostal revival of the turn of the 20th century did not progress very far until recent times.  Focused more on the Baptism of the Spirit and tongues. There is far more.

The Antioch church pressed through until God released through their praying a apostolic ministry that would impact all the known world through Paul.

God wants to use our congregation to birth impact people. The key is to know how to transition. So let us leave you with some guidelines.
1. Be flexible
2. Be content to be discontent.
3. Be always seeking for deeper and greater things.
4. Know that God wants to release potential for impact.
5. Be prepared to innovate. Religiosity comes out of routine.


Transition enables us to birth the ultimate impact on NOT JUST OUR GENERATION but generations to come.
The key is in our preparation to know God’s ways and flow in God’s shifts of dimensions. 

God works in seasons as we have already seen. We discern them a flow in them. They are indications of the dimensional shifts which prepare us to release global impact.

It does not take much today to impact the world. Internet messages can flow around the world in less than an hour.

It is this digital age which we need to impact.


So our methodology must change. It’s no good depending just on a meeting structure. Or are we going to oppose the march of mankind to the instant exchange of information and service through technology? 


Transition enables us to flow in greater potential through innovation.

This means whilst our methods change the main message is faithful to the original.

To be flowing in the “Antioch” attitude for impact we must be flexible. Transition and recognising it does just that.


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