This post comes after a very difficult period in which I really thought that ministry and any kind of activity would become secondary to personal issues. let us examine the key words of this verse.
Night: darkness, ignorance, unexpected happening. when you consider that what is fought in the darkness of night is usually accompanied by victory by daybreak. The most poignant example is that of Jacob fighting the man until daybreak. Then having prevailed both his nameand his destiny is changed.
The other example is in Acts 19, Paul and SILAS singing high praise at the darkest hour.
Night is not for accepting defeat but declaring the FAITHFULNESS of God whilst all seems dark; defeated; depressed; disallusioned. The night for Jacob is for CONFRONTATION FOR CHANGE. The night is not for ACCEPTING THE DESTINY OTHERS PIN ON YOU! What was Jacob’s attitude at that dark hour? IF I DIE NOW I DIE, BUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME IS NOT WHAT I GAINED THROUGH MY OWN STRENGTH BUT WHAT I CAN GAIN THROUGH GOD’S BLESSING
What about Paul’s attitude in the prison? It was that God’s greatness was brighter than the darkness of his circumstances. The night is your turning point.
Crying; pouring out your heart. One example comes to my mind is Hannah in 1 Samuel, pouring out her soul, in a “darkness” of her own desperation. God heard. Your crying has been heard, and your deliverance comes.
Morning; Jacob is no more, he comes out as Israel, assured of his covenant, his destiny and his posterity. The morning signals a new day. So God declares to us today that ; WHEN THERE IS DARKNESS OUR ATTITUDE WILL CAUSE US TO COME INTO A NEW DAY WITH ASSURANCE OF OUR COVENANT, OUR DELIVERANCE, OUR PROTECTION. FOR A NEW DAY COMES TO SET US ON OUR WAY STRONGER AND WITH A NEW VISION!

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