Losses become gains, death becomes life, going down is to go up

Today has been a very tough day. I am with the sensation that the saints took a battering today. I personally did today in many levels.
God spoke to me now in a whisper for me to speak to His weary saints. He took me to Ephesians 4 when Jesus FIRST descended.
The Lord promises that in every descent we have in our lives, whether it be sickness, loss, tragedy, financial ruin, we may feel our lives have come to an end as we know it.
I am just about to rest my weary soul but I was reflecting on the losses and the affliction of many friends and saints who I know. I felt tearful, at a loss to know how to counsel, to understand.
When we least expect the answer comes.
If we take Ephesians 4 in a context
1. In the descent captives are freed: that ties in with Job’s experience, in that in our affliction, our faith in God’s character remaining intact releases testimony which frees others to tap into divine sustenance which brings captives of fear to walk into faith. The descent being a deliverance for all, a breaking once and for all, all enemy satanic power. In our times of trial are the times where God births in us the opportunity to defeat the enemy activating the power of Calvary. It is only when we have nothing else is when the power of the Cross mightily manifest.
2. In the ascending from our trials we access the gifts that are poured out corporately to establish the Kingdom in men’s heart by the demonstration of joy and peace in the Holy Ghost!
Now Biblical principles of peace and joy are much more than our language implies:
JOY: Hebrews 1&2: 12, who for the JOY, it is overcoming power and strength. This joy defeats the enemy, read Psalm 1&2 and see the joy and laughter of God over the enemy.
PEACE: Hebrew shalom; means health, whole ness and completion.
So this is a promise of the Kingdom, that when the Kingdom comes we will see a joy rise up to overcome so that we enter into wholeness and health.
So when you feel your days DESCENDING into the darkness know that God is making an opportunity for deliverance and victory, and as you ASCEND you will come into the GIFTS which bring Kingdom attributes of JOY and PEACE in the Spirit, which is the realm of God Himself.


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