Giving up of a natural ambition to birth a Samuel part 1: Barrenness with Purpose

I start this series, strategic because I write this in one of the most toughest experiences yet! I identify with these messages completely. 

1 Samuel 1.

We meet Hannah in a place of barrenness. It seems to reflect the state of Israel at the time. Spiritually the nation was living away from God.

1. A corrupt leadership
2. An independent rebellious people
3. Idolizing other gods.

These 3 conditions are present in our nation today. What this does is close heaven and open doors for deception.

When we examine the leadership today we see similarities with the leadership of Eli and his sons.

It was self seeking, contemptuous of God and His People, no fear of God.

When you consider how they treated the sacrifices of God’s people and acted as if God were not seeing.

Hannah’s barrenness was prophetic and a preparation for greater things.

God taught Hannah in the barreness.

1. Taught Hannah that God was her source of fulfilment.
2. Died to all natural ambition.
3. Died to all provocation of others’ apparent prosperity.
4. Learned in the tears that surrender brings a birthing.

So how much more God will bring us in apparent “barreness” to a place of surrender to God.

It is this that brings birthing and reviving. We force nothing, we aspire without ambition.

When Hannah poured out her heart Eli still did not recognize her plight. He took her for a drunk woman. How blind he was! He was blind because of how this leadership had fallen. So at times even those we consider to be leaders can misunderstand us. In our pursuit for God’s best even our leaders think us wrong!

So, our thirst drives us to God! Let us recognize that some of our trials are due to a corrupt leadership, a corporate idolatry, and rebellion.


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