True Meaning of the Message from Job

The weeks gone by have brought their trials and situations that have marked our lives. I am speaking personally.

The Lord has been speaking to me about the Book of Job.

In short the meaning of the book of Job is: when all we have and who we have fails, when we recognize that God is all we have, we guard our integrity and receive restoration.

The Book opens with a dialogue between God and Satan. If you analyze the accusation of Job, the accusation is not against Job but God Himself. The devil says that it is God’s weakness that He created beings that are robots, serving Him for His benefits!

We can surmise therefore that every trial is permitted to prove God’s greatness as we serve and love Him without an expectation of experiencing whatever Divine benefit. This way we GLORIFY Him and qualify for a free and extravagant blessing. The enemy cannot defeat our love of Him when we retain our integrity.

With all the instability in this world we will need to live in this love FOR God so that in Him we shall not be moved. We do not love Him for what He does but for who He is.

Let us reflect on this.


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