The Upper Room: The Covenant Meal

We continue our series concerning the Upper Room, because we come to the most pinnacle moment spent there with Jesus. It is what many call the HOLY COMMUNION. It is however far more than that. The bread was big, broken in large pieces, the wine was not just in a small chalice.

The central theme of the Upper Room is covenant. The witness that comes from the covenant.

What we need to see is that the place of this COVENANT MEAL is the following principles: communion, union, provision, healing. 

This part of Jesus work with the disciples is this part, to bring them into close union with Him, and teaching the generations that this meal is not a ritual but a central part of nurturing union and communion in the local congregation. From this point, so the provision, healing and deliverance flows.

I believe it has been devalued somewhat, in that we can reduce the communion as part of a Church program. But the essential thing we need to do is bring it into an intimate setting, because it is the intimacy of this New Covenant. From this Union, that is secured through suffering, brokeness and Blood we experience the benefits.

But we sometimes focus on the benefits and the blessings instead of focussing what it cost Jesus to open this to us, His Broken Body and His Shed Blood.

From the Broken Body we find Healing and Deliverance. What is broken is brought together to us. What Calvary was to UNDO, is to DO for us. The power of Death, Distance and Deception were broken in Calvary.

The Setting of the Upper Room is the Passover. Jesus wanted intimate time with the Disciples. He wanted to PASS THEM OVER from the LAW TO GRACE, FROM DISTANCE TO INTIMACY, TO UNION WITH HIM.

So when we look at this covenant meal, we see things put in their place. We must evaluate, are we with Christ for WHAT HE DOES FOR US? Or are we seeking what He seeks of us? Intimacy?

Are we wanting the benefits and blessings of covenant instead of the REASON and PURPOSE of that covenant?

Have we reduced the Holy Communion to a ritual or part of our monthly programme?

If we have, we have missed the greatest purpose of the Upper Room. From the place of intimacy and covenant we come into a new understanding of what the Kingdom is, its mission, its purpose, and then we know as partakers of that Kingdom how to see the Lord as He is, understand the mission He called us to, and do the works He leads us into.

Let us reflect on this.



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