The Upper Room: When the Day had fully COME

There is an appointed DAY…the Day of the Lord comes to all of us. Revelation 1:10 says that John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day! Oh that the Lord’s Day would come!!!

I believe as we tarry, according to my last post, we come into the LORD’S DAY.

The Lord’s Day is a day of visitation, a day of revelation, a day of manifestation!

The apostles, as they are now known were in ONE PLACE, at ONE TIME, and when the DAY OF PENTECOST HAD COME…so they heard and experienced what Jesus had promised them. The Upper Room which was a place of PREPARATION had become a place of VISITATION and then a place of COMMISSION.

You do not stay in the Upper Room. It is for a season. It does end. It ends with such a saturation of power! When you consider how the fire descended, the apparent drunkeness. They could not stand up…but it shook the whole city.

We need our cities shaken!

Begin to pray prophetically that the Day shall fully come! Tarry for it….prepare for it. Because who goes into THE UPPER ROOM shall surely come out endued with power.

There was no mistake, the DAY MUST FULLY COME. It is a day of fullness…

Where were they? In one place, in one accord. This we will deal with again shortly in the next few days. But a short note…the Day when it comes shall come in fullness.

Hence all the preparation! Hence the tarrying.

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