2013 the year for the forerunners

The Lord has been opening up some secrets. I had no Word in 2012 about this year. In my spirit, it was as though God had a curtain hiding this year. Now even as we enter this year we are seeing the secret of The Lord being opened out to those who can digest and can guard “the child from king Herod.”

The Lord says that this year is the year where forerunners will be selected to UNDERSTAND the ways of The Lord. The Lord shows me that many will fall away into the older orders of the denominations and dependent on the traditions of men. Homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage will be the two signs which will mark who follows God or the crowd.
This is a year of mystery, because God’s long term plan resides in the forerunners being in the right place. Many will be in contrary circumstances, what marks them out is spiritual persecution, poverty, and even prison. The Lord has to position a new leadership that is humble and not politically appointed through the influence of riches! But it will be a new generation of leaders marked for humility and a mighty anointing. Many will presume this year but will come out confused.
Only the praying Churches will discover the purpose of The Lord. Only the praying leader will discover the Word for the hour. He that prophesies thinking he is revealing the year, will be deceived. For it is not to reveal but to conceal. The concealing is for the fullness of times. For when the time is full then God’s forerunners chosen, will be put into their place ready for God’s purpose.

Russell Durose

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