Jesus the AUTHOR of FAITH: Hebrews 12 message 4

Still in this passage, the Word has unlimited revelation.

Jesus is the AUTHOR of faith. An author writes, and pioneers thought into words and speech. This creates reality. Jesus is the voice which said: Let there be light.

This means that FAITH is the force of all creation. It serves as the second element of creation to exist. You may ask how can you say that?

You must take what Paul writes in I Corinthians 13 and see that 3 elements continually operate in our lives; love, faith and hope. Faith coming in behind love, because faith demonstrates in creation the character of love.

Whenever you see faith exercised, its ultimate purpose is to demonstrate the INTENTION of love. Love unites and heals, brings well being.

So if Jesus is the AUTHOR of faith, it means that He established in the foundations of existence the need for faith. It is unshaken in all ages and all circumstances. Why it cannot be shaken?

Because Jesus based existence on faith as a foundation stone!!!

When we consider the example of Voltaire, a french athiest. He was dying a death of an infidel. He cursed God, denied his existence on his death bed. He was a shame to those who around him.

He died declaring that within 100 years the Bible would be disproved. That it would be exposed as a lie.

Within 100 years the Bible has been proved to have scientific and historical value, and Voltaire’s house is now a printing house for the Bible precisely.

This shows you that faith is a element of all existence.

If Jesus is an author, He is writing. Where?

He is writing in your heart. (Ezekiel). He is writing the law of the Spirit. Which is life itself.

He is writing you as a Book. He is imprinting on your life every overcoming principle that the Word contains. He is establishing you as a person of victory.

What He writes He consummates. (See next message).

Embrace the author. Embrace His Word.

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