Undivided Heart

Right now the Lord is coming “suddenly” unto His Temple. What is His Temple? It is us.

He is coming….

It is suddenly. This is that season.

Those who have felt on the back burner, God will promote suddenly.

Suddenlies coming:
1. Suddenlies of call
2. Suddenlies of finances
3. Suddenlies of situations which will be unlocked.

But His coming will require a mighty purification. Of motives.

What are your motives?

Who can stand the day of His Coming?

Who will be the Levites? Those called by God.

Those who have mixed their call with worldly agendas will receive a visitation. Many will have to go through the “eye of the needle.” They will have to let go of earthly riches.

Only those who say YES in this season will come through into the new season. Jesus coming again.

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