The mystery of eternity

Dear all,
I am back in Brixham. I have been back for over a week. I am here with the family. It has been good.

This is quite a delicate time, for two reasons. One year ago, a woman of faith, my mother in law, left this life, to receive her eternal reward, and this marked a time last year, of demarcation, where God’s glory was present. In that valley of the shadow of death, we all learned how close we are to the eternal realms. It is now exactly 1 year to the day, since she went. I am certain it does not feel like 5 minutes to her. It is interesting to note that the dead in Christ, do not see us, nor partake of our feelings. They are enveloped by a glory, an ecstasy which dispels any possibility of missing loved ones, or living as we do here.

I was not prepared this year, precisely yesterday to lose a close ministry partner in the faith. Gina and her friends had been here to Brixham twice. She and many of her intercessors were regular spiritual support for me in this relocation. Just 3 weeks ago fell ill after a birthday trip. We all thought it was something minor. But since last Friday (15th), went to hospital where cancer was revealed. Yesterday she too passed into glory, and for me, I am having to reflect on the mystery of life. For us who the natural senses, dictate so much, we sense a loss…their presence is part of a network of examples of faith, which we live by.

My sense of loss is also my sense of gain. I may have lost their presence, their friendship, their prayers. But I gained a legacy that comes from them;

“In the year of the death of Uzziah, I saw the Lord…” Isaiah 6:1

We do not lose in the death of our loved ones, we gain a glimpse into unseen realms. It seems they Open portals for us. This opening into the glory opens the way for a new intimacy with the Lord. It also opens a door of challenge, because who sees must go and tell.

“who will go for us, whom shall we send?”

The death of the faithful is the signal of a passing of a legacy…that legacy ensures the continuation of the unshakeable Kingdom that shall never end. We cry for a moment, we feel pain, but we must look for the divine encounter of our own commissioning!

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