Conventions with modern eyes: Abraham in the desert

I have come back to Portugal to complete what I started last year. There are question marks that needs God to answer those. It seems strange to step into a land where I have handed back the call I once had.

Abraham was told to leave his home country and everything. If anything mankind is turning more and more migrant. we can now at a drop of a hat travel to another land. The cost of the call is not so physical as Abraham. He had no transport. He did not have a fixed destination. But he obeyed. I simply obeyed. In many seasons of my life I have been moved to break the conventions in my life to be released into the fellowship of the sufferings of Christ. This fellowship is not experienced on the cross. No, Jesus initiated in this fellowship at birth, humiliated into the small body of a baby, and a cell in the womb. This fellowship is walked out in the very early stages.

Abraham had to forego the comforts, the respectable life of his day…why? What was he leaving to do? Where was he going? He had no answers to his questions. I believe questions are those which lead us on a voyage of discovery because the answers are multifaceted. They touch every fibre of our being.

When we break away from the majority and what they think we enter into a special fellowship which is no stranger to sufferings. But those sufferings turn into eternal victories. Abraham’s apparent madness, birthed a blessed race. How much more those who attempt to act or think outside the box of Western thought.

Opinions are not valid motivators to find truth.

Truth is not shaped by cultural norms.

Decency is not behaviour that does not offend.

Vision is not vision until you step out risking everything to capture a heavenly dream.

Are you ready to step out of your box?

One thought on “Conventions with modern eyes: Abraham in the desert

  1. God said “Fear not, Abraham, I will be your exceeding great reward” He kept looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. He was called a friend of God, and was sent to rescue weaker loved ones whose righteous spirits were vexed by captivity to corrupt worldly structures built by man. Most of Lot’s family was saved because of his obedience.

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