Following the Star; preparation for change.

Today just coming from local church meeting a message has been moving in my spirit for a few days. I find the text in Matthew’s Gospel inspiring. The only text that speaks of wise men from the East. We do not know for historical detail who they were. But what we know, that as a baby, creation gave signs. For them it was a star.
We do not assume that they just saw the star and concluded that they were to follow it. No, we understand as learned men that they would have sought for answers for this phenomenon.
Somehow I do not think this star as being anything normal. I feel and sense meditating on this passage that this star was something that was extraordinary. On first impression was nothing ordinary, but caused these learned men to seek.

What we know is that they knew a great change was coming. They knew this change was in a distant land. They also knew that the answer was to change their lives.

What will it take for us? Signs have been given. Are we learned enough spiritually to understand the signs? Have we deciphered what changes God wants to bring? Have we counted the personal cost?

Are we going to walk so in step that even angels will warn us? Even all Israel knew where the Messiah was to be born. The star was over Bethlehem, yet noone knew what it meant!

Some men from the East came, because they were privy to divine revelation.

What will it take for Christ to come and bring change? Have you seen the sign?

Will you count the cost to follow the star to the place where Christ is being “born”?

This is revival for our day. Join me in this quest on this Christmas Day.

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