When the people make a breach

Then a breach was made in the city, and all the men of war fled and went out from the city by night by the way of a gate between the two walls, by the king’s garden, and the Chaldeans were around the city. And they went in the direction of the Arabah.
Jeremiah 52:7 ESV


The Lord has been warning me about enemy infiltration into the Church the last few days. The Lord shows us the process in these verses. In verse 6 because of the siege around the city, there was famine. The Lord has a process that we need to watch for. Siege > Famine > Breach outward > Arabah> enemy enters and destroys.


The reason for this siege is rebellion against God and ignoring the warnings coming from the prophets about their covenant breaking. God allows enemy armies to oppress the people.


Once the flow of commerce is stopped then famine comes in. In modern terms when inspiration, revelation and networking stops there is a famine spiritually. Instead of praying their next move is disastrous.

Breach outwards

The “mighty men” and Kings and princes make a breach outward which they aim for Arabah, a place of dryness and deadness. This leadership is taken out by the enemy and is killed off. Then then the breach becomes an enemy entry point. This breach is called apostasy, compromise and immorality.


Arabah geographically is near Sodom and Gomorrah. They aim for the place of judgment, such is their spiritual state. They see judgment and destruction as their salvation. They see evil as good and good as evil.

The breach which was an escape, now becomes the door for the enemy to enter

The enemy can now use the breach to destroy the covenant city, its temple, and totally kill off the Priesthood. It is a time of captivity and demolition.

The meaning of this Word

I believe this process is in course. God’s people are lacking leadership. Apostasy has set in with leaders and basic guidance from the Word is now being compromised because leaders are under siege via various lobbies. This siege is provoking a “spiritual famine” and the breach is bringing desperation and flight. The result is oppression in the nation and increasing loss of rights and standing in the nation. Believers being oppressed and captive. We need to recognise what is happening and seek repentance. Shalom!

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