Domain and Site expense Prayer Request

It has come around again that the server and site domain has to be renewed. We need prayer warriors to pray that the Lord provides for us to pay this. We need partners to support the work, which includes a lot of study work, and itinerant teaching in different locations. Churches could not afford the value of our resources if we were to charge for them. If the Lord touches you to support the work here then please use Paypal and use my address @russelldurose7 from the dashboard or use . We thank all those who for the last year who have supported the work, we also pass on with our own income offerings to other ministries as and when He directs. We trust that even those who do not have the directions or the finance to support, we offer everything here free. I am however in a Levitical type ministry joined to the Lord full time. This means that I do not have another form of raising funds. I simply have to trust that God will enable us to continue. There is also our Store page where you will find publications to acquire for a small contribution. Be blessed and have a wonderful Christmas.

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