10 days of darkness

I have been largely silent as I entered into a very dark period, not of soul but of body. I caught a virus, came in waves, it looked like it was calming down by Saturday, then Sunday kicked in good and proper. I after much insistence with my doctor on antibiotics. I must say that I have a similar situation as my Sepsis where it seemed God was silent. I am not sure if God was changing tack and looking after my physical needs or whether I was simply too ill to hear. Not sure.

It has by no means been an empty period, I have what I ascertain to be a bottleneck theologically in the area of healing. There seems to be a plethora of teaching on this issue, and yet so much error also. The expectation that the prayer for the sick means that the patient must act out their healing, straight away without evidence of virtue being made aware of, or power manifest heightening a faith response. The question is whether it is God’s will to heal, we realise that healing IS part of the atonement, so there is no question or doubt that healing is God’s purpose, but what we need to acquire is the wisdom to know the times and the ways of God in bringing healing. I have been through what can only be known as the “dark night of the body”, where the silence in my soul was deafening. It was a time when it seemed I was being carried. I sensed no anguish, and there were prayers going up for me.

We have many sick people within the Body of Christ, and I think the answer maybe surrounding what we believe about healing, the way it happens, when it happens. We need to seek God afresh about healing, and we need to see if the lack of Unity in God’s Church also contributes. If anything, this trial has brought is a need to know God’s Word in depth about healing. If this sickness journey was for this, its well worth the learning!


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