Lessons from Past Visitations 1: Learn from the Greatest Visitation, Pentecost.

We begin this new series in our quest for a new visitation from God. Our study must start at the greatest visitation of them all. Pentecost.

The deluge of the Holy Spirit must be felt in every generation

Joel could only dream. He could only try to envisage a generation where the things of God were the central theme of every conversation, where speech was taken over declaring the mysteries and moves of God. This is because when the Holy Spirit has taken us, taken our beings and saturated us with Him, the depths of His Presence and Power, made us love Jesus in a new intensity.

On all flesh

This is not a one time experience, it is for every generation

Acts 3:19-21 is the foundation to the visitations of God, “He will send Jesus TO you. “ Jesus must be SENT TO US! This is the key to every TRUE visitation. Today we make an error making the Holy Spirit the centre, but as we correct this error and allow Him to lead us to Jesus, in His full stature and now identity, as Saviour, Baptizer, Lord and Judge. When we allow the Spirit move through us to exalt Jesus, so the visitation of this same Jesus becomes a real factor in our lives. More than everything we need ALL FLESH today saturated with the Holy Spirit. The “all flesh” is not a one time Pentecost, rather a Pentecost in EVERY GENERATION. The meaning of Pentecost is “firstfruits” which are harvested. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was praying and declaring the defence of the harvests God desires to bring in. It is my belief that the last of the Gentiles need to be harvested for the Kingdom, then once they are in the Church then God can move the focus on to the Jews and the remnant of Israel.

Before all this there is the preparation that needs to take place. Right now I am seeing the videos of the Convoy in Canada, and the wave of preparation for a major breakthrough for a sensible approach to the pandemic, liberating worship and the society, all descending on the capital and I believe something is being set in motion to change Canada. This requires concerted preparation. Needs determination. This I bring to demonstrate that all Church congregations no matter their denomination must come to God afresh to put the Church in the centre of a move of God in the nations. The promise “ON ALL FLESH” must be fulfilled. If this is a promise then we must prepare for it to activate in our midst. The disciples prepared 10 days, obeying Jesus’ own words. This preparation was fundamental for the precise timing of the Outpouring. The Day of Pentecost.

The deluge has impacted for 20 centuries and the next will impact eternity

I will pour out

God gave the Person of the Holy Spirit to the Church to prepare the world for Jesus’ return

The pouring out of the Holy Spirit is an act of epic proportions, the wind and fire coming upon 120 people who turned Jerusalem upside down. The fact is this principle exists for the fulness of the Outpouring: The depth of the preparations governs the depth and extent of the visitation. Joel 2 specifies the extent of the preparation after the nation had diverted from God’s purposes, He allowed 4 types of locusts to destroy the economy. In the case of the disciples they are on the back of the crucifixion and resurrection. They had just seen this same Jesus arise from their midst, carried to heaven. This visitation marks the beginning of the end days. Yet 2000 years have passed. What God is doing with each generation is a tapestry of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. John relates this in verse 1 of the first chapter of Revelation. The Spirit came to Him in power, on the Lord’s Day, to bring him face to face with a Jesus he did not know. The outpouring prepares us to meet the Glorified Lord. The lack of this Revelation in the Church makes a powerless Church, a Church that does not prepare a nation for righteousness. So Peter’s preach in Acts 2 draws back the curtain on what Jesus does on arrival in heaven, He asks the Father to send the Holy Spirit. Peter’s message centres around the identity of Jesus Christ. It is not enough for history to clearly indicate there was a Jesus, we need to involve our lives in His.

Jesus when He is in the centre of His assemblies of called out ones is revealed as He is!

Your sons and daughters

This is not just biological but also spiritual

The spirit of sonship brings to us our spiritual sons and daughters who connect with their spiritual parents in a bond stronger than the dysfunctional bonds we see today. These days of outpouring are also days of spiritual covenants, where sons and daughters cleave to their spiritual parents. We know this from Malachi 4, as this precedes the coming of the Lord. This breaks the possibility of a curse on the land. These generations of saints prophesy and dream. It is time after 2 years of proclamation of fear, for a proclamation of comfort on Zion and her subjects. This spirit of prophecy will come, and dreams given to those well experienced in the things of God, who have travelled nations and congregations. The dreams shall be of a world full of praise, full of fire and Glory. Ezekiel 1:1 in the middle of the worst situation, a covenant people displaced and slaved in a foreign land, Ezekiel sees heavens open, and sees God’s ways with His people explained. Visions promised will open mysteries covered until the season God chooses to unveil. Vision is always about God opening a door to the spiritual realm, like John, seeing a open door to heaven, being invited to witness events on earth from heaven’s level. (Revelation 4). It is interesting how from these covenant relationships both prophecy and visions begin to spring forth. Therefore what we see when God pours out His Spirit is a revisiting and a reviving of the spiritual family, not the religious ones we sometimes see. From this base comes the prophetic words and visions, and the life, the spiritual life of that unit is then visible.

Even on male and female servants

Those tied up in strict servanthood will have pleasure in their service

Servants in that time were commonplace, but we can interpret this being the workplace today. The workplace productivity must be affected by this. In my friend’s series, Al Houghton, teaches about the Anointing to Spoil (www.wordatwork.org) where God initiates an anointing for business and great productivity due to a end time visitation in this realm. I believe it too and believe God is about to invade the workplace, and marketplace with His Spirit. God will initiate a new end time economy. In the Old Testament we see where Israel spoiled the enemies of God, and the material and monetary spoil is invested into the priesthood, tabernacle and temple. Economists and the economy globally operates on debt and debt management much of the time, but in times of a spiritual revival God interrupts the debt and economical cycles common, and brings both miracles and multiplication factors in. The outpouring of the Spirit from the preparation between the Temple Porch, Threshold and Altar, brings miraculous harvests.

Where economists predict a post-covid economy being depressed and crisis ridden, the Church must command the agenda, and must change the narrative. The Outpouring of the Spirit is not and never been destined for a meeting based setting, no, it impacts society at large.

Concluding words

The preparation for Pentecost was key to the extent of its impact, concretely a Church that has walked 20 centuries with Jesus. We see indications of that preparation in Peter’s message. What do we see?

  1. We see the Disciples having a clear vision of the identity of Jesus.
  2. We see the Disciples having a notion of the prophets prophesying their generation.
  3. We see the Disciples know the purpose of the Father through the Son.

These 3 issues being settled in the 10 days between Jesus’ Ascension and Pentecost is very important. We must ask, is our vision of Jesus clear? Do we know what the prophets spoke about our times? Do we know what the Father has purposed through the Son in the Church?

These questions must be asked, must be prayed over in a preparation that is serious, because these will unlock conditions for us to have a modern day Pentecost!


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