Lessons from Advent 11: Let the King of Glory come in…who is this King of Glory, Psalm 24

We are still centred on the visit of the Magi to Jesus. The Lord began to deal with me with who they were welcome and if what their journey was to do was found in other Scripture. The Lord drew my attention the Scripture in Psalm 24 which shows us the way we welcome the King of Glory. The King of Glory is Jesus. When we welcome the King the King manifests.

The problem that in the Church we only focus on the Saviour, and as such the Church is weak in exercising Judicial Authority. For Jesus to be welcomed again we must embrace the flow of His activity in the last 2000 years. If we don’t we must face the fact that Biblically the 2nd Advent is set in Kairos terms which allude to a season in which the Church comes to a fulness of its Comprehension of Jesus.

This message has taken a long time coming because I have not been well and I have been working through some tough transitions.

What the Lord seems to indicate is a transition He is bringing to us. The Scripture in Isaiah 43 says “Behold I do a new thing, forget the past…” our Comprehension of the NEW depends on how much we let go of in terms of what that we learned in former seasons must not condition the new season. Once it does that the rhema of the other seasons turn into a dead tradition. Our rhema must correspond to the Revelation of Christ Jesus being given to His Servants as cited in Revelation 1:1.

The wise men of Matthew certainly saw beyond what was natural. They saw a King not a baby. They saw a spiritual kingdom not a natural one. And we in turn must also embrace some new truths to advance in the Father’s programme. This is to reveal Jesus in His Kingly flow. This might mean some persecution in the Church from those who do not recognise this Jesus. Not the Jesus who is Judge and King.

In terms of this series, there are seeds in the 1st Advent, that come to fruition in the 2nd. We can see what is planted in the first coming to the season in the 2nd. The pandemic has certainly shaken our eschatology because we have seen what was normal has now made way for crisis management. This crisis management forced us to approach the Bible a new way, discerning out truth and human traditions.

Time to take coffee with the Lord

This is the last message of the series. The message being we must ALLOW the King of Glory to come in, because He comes TO His Church so He can come FOR Her. So that when He comes for her, He can come WITH her. Coming with the Church is in Judgment and Correction. This cannot happen when the Church has an immature vision of Jesus. This immature vision is a mismatch in terms of what the Word reveals concerning the end times.

There are DOORS and GATES that need to be lifted and opened. As Psalm 24 says. They are doors and gates that the wise men also had to “lift” and “open”. Isaiah 54 talks about the lifting of oneself in that we are down in the dust, been sold for nothing. The Bride here being fruitless and yet when the Redeemer comes He comes to free and to reveal who she really is. The wise men perceived the divine invitation to see Jesus. See Him as He was; and what He was to become. So in the Church we need God’s invitation to see Jesus. Hebrews 2 says the absolute is that all is subject to Him, yet in our generation we do not yet see…but we see Jesus. When we do not see situations come into line, into resolution and restoration we need to first see Jesus. In seeing Him pass through His humanity with obedience so shall we tread the same path.

We turn to Luke 24 when Jesus reveals Himself through trauma and ignorance of prophetic Scripture. We see that they are not ready to fully comprehend until the things which seemed out of control are put into place in a eternal perspective. How does COVID19 fit into that eternal perspective?

We need to read the signs that we are led along a path where Jesus is about to be revealed and we must be prepared. Psalm 24 talks about the preparation, in showing us what we need to do to ascend the hill of the Lord. May we see the star with our spiritual eyes.

The wise men lifted up themselves to comprehend the time, the purpose, and obey the invitation. Spiritual knowledge is the invitation to God’s agenda, to the events He will unfold. Who is it that comes? It is the King of Glory, and those who comprehend Him, with a lamp shining with end time oil shall indeed enter WITH Him to the greatest event of all time. The season has changed, we must perceive it and look for another country; Hebrews 11. All that is earthly is a ancient door, to be opened so that the King may come in.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus.

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