Christmas Personal Post

This Christmas is the culmination of a very tough year where last year the Lord commanded us to buy from Him, Gold tried in the fire, meaning our faith. This year the exhortation is “Today if you hear His Voice harden not your hearts“. This means He is speaking in a challenging time when there are only obstacles, natural and spiritual.

One such obstacle is the response to the pandemic that has left us with a very challenging Christmas and new year. We need partners who can help us at this time. I need a new vehicle being that a month ago I had an accident which I was innocent as the guy ploughed into my back. We need £2000 for a new vehicle. This vehicle will be used to different groups for teaching and taking my son to college each day.

We know above all that God is who provides and who speaks. I believe that God does not blackmail us into giving, you give and then He rewards you. No He has ALREADY given His Son and our own sonship and salvation. So our giving must be a overflow of this consciousness.

So if you are moved to contribute please use PayPal on We will pray that in being generous you will experience blessing.

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