Lessons of Advent 4: when kings and priests tremble before the King and Priest and Prophet of All: Jesus Christ!

Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him; 

 The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (Mt 2:1–3). (2016). Crossway Bibles.

When signs in the heavens, people from afar attest the fulfilment of prophecy kings tremble

This is the 4th message in the series. In this message we must draw some conclusions concerning that 1st Advent and the events we are now surrounded by.

Whilst we welcome the season of Christmas with decorations, with joy and with mixing with family and friends, our preparation contrasts with that of that 1st Advent, when Herod and all of Jerusalem is trembling in fear. There are signs in the heavens that something is happening, a bight star lights up the night sky with some mystical message being sent to earth for those who have an ear to hear. When the eastern looking austere men sought out the king they came with a message that shook the heart of the king, because there must have been quite a few signs of change in the air.

If in His 1st Advent there was fear about His coming, surely there will be fear in His impending arrival for His 2nd Advent

The Coming of the Lord shall come with fire

We need to call for that Jesus that makes kings, governments tremble, because they know their power base is fragile. The fear of death and destitution is what drives them. The wise men recognised that His star “rose”. Who recognises Ascended Lord arising today? In the midst of all the political chaos the Beast behind it bringing His agenda? Even the statue has a Biblical irony, both seen by the prophet Daniel and Apostle John thousands of years ago. The Beast have wings of a eagle, and the face of a lion. This now stands at the front of UN headquarters. Surely an array of demonic strategies are being brought forth, and politicians have been baptised into it across the world. When the Priests knew where the King would be born so these puppets know the source of where Jesus will come: in power and glory, it is through His People who embody the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. Jesus comes TO His people who expect Him, then He comes THROUGH His people, then He comes WITH His people in the end days. The attack that comes before His 2nd Advent is because He is coming THROUGH His people. The trembling comes before the hunting out for killing. In Herod’s case this is the progression, and seems to be the very progression of every self made, egotistical leader.

When wise men are warned and obey

Herod lies to the wise men and tells them to report back, they are warned in a dream, and obey…Herod is thwarted

Herod is alive and well. He goes to Church along with believers today. Every time Jesus comes, he wants to be there, at the forefront. Any move of God makes him tremble. He must hunt it out and kill. This is because this leader is humanly appointed. The Bible does not mention him in any way other than circumstantially on the throne of Judea. He is put there by the Emperor of Rome. Today is no different, there are leaders who are humanly appointed, having no divine vocation or approval. Wise men who seek out Jesus, who are led by His MorningStar, see Herod for who he is, that is, they are warned, and they go back to their land, marvelling what they had seen. The star stood over Jesus, casting her glorious light! They return knowing their King and Lord was born!

When Herod is exposed he comes out killing…Joseph is warned

The moves of Jesus are protected as Herod comes out with his true motivation

There is a move of leaders, whether in the religious field, political field, baptised in the anti christ spirit, the same spirit that possessed Herod. Herod was not content with the humble House of God, tore it down and made 46 year refurbishment. This is how ambitious these people become. And the way that Herod knows that he is found out, feels disrespected and left out by the wise men, now lays bare his sword against the innocents. It has been the same in many times, even when Moses was born, the babes were the object of killing. Every time God raises up leaders the enemy inspires to kill the new generation. This can take many forms, whether killing the faith of the newly converted, killing through abortion, or murder, or via many many means. This is a serious thing. Joseph however is warned and flees Bethlehem. The Son of God resides in hiding in Egypt, for about 2-4 years. This is to symbolise our own stay in our own personal Egypt. God always brings us out…as He did His own Son.

Final Thoughts

This message comes with the sensation that we are on the threshold when “Herod” will show his hand. I sense betrayal in many senses, but as you see in the 1st Advent story God is always one step ahead, and it shall not be different in the Last Days, before the 2nd Advent. May we in these days see Jesus come TO us and prepare us for His Coming. May His MorningStar shine out signs of His Coming! These signs are recognised to those to whom God speaks and reveals to. And to those He reveals He also leads…so that we all come to the Resting Place where the Star rests…over the Son, King and Lord.

Maranatha! Come soon Jesus.

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