The Lessons of Advent 2: The visitation at the Altar

There is no doubt that when studying Scripture many 1st Advent elements appear in what is termed the 2nd Advent. The 2nd Advent is the Return of Christ.

It is widely accepted by theologians, teachers, ministers that we are living in the end days. We have been since the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended, asked of the Father as we see, through the insight of Peter’s message that day. The 1st Advent shows us some precious truths which bring us closer to the understanding of God’s ways in our generation.

When a visitation is unexpected at the altar of prayer.

When the expectation has died that God will send angels to announce His plans at our prayer altar we know that a new thing is coming!

The altar that Zacarias went to present service is the altar of intercession. We see the effects of this in Revelation 8, when the martyred saints asked God for justice. The incense was thrown to the earth and produced catastrophic effects on those who would not repent and upon the Kingdom of darkness. Yet we contrast this apocalyptic vision with the scene here with Zacarias. We see as we did, in the last message, our first in this series, that this altar is present in a house without glory. A house God did not ask for nor approved.

It goes without saying that no visitation is expected there, at this altar, nor has ever been recorded. Yet the angel Gabriel breaks through these apparent barriers to appear at the Incense Altar. Especially because the angelic mission is not to endorse the altar or the House it is present in. He comes to announce the start of a process where both Temple and Priesthood would be redefined. And of course Zacarias is startled with fear because religious service, its mechanics are interrupted by the announcement of the greatest prophet was coming, in Abrahamic fashion, to a womb that was dead and a man who is no longer in his prime. This prophetically has to be assumed that as Malachi 4 predicts that before the Day of the Lord will come another Elijah. This connects this visitation to another where religious programmes, services, for a select people shall be interrupted by angelic announcement. We are going to see birthed once again an “Elijah” who shall prepare the way for the Great Day of the Lord. The purpose of this Elijah is to reconcile generations in preparation for the Lord to appear. This new Elijah must be 2 generations united by a prophetic mantle that shall preach and demonstrate this new Advent, Jesus’ coming in very powerful terns, power over nature , signs and wonders, as recorded in Revelation 11. It all starts at the altar of intercession. God interrupts mechanics of ritual and brings a sense of new things.

When time at the altar passes by and the worshippers worry

Time in those restoration times of intercessions will worry those behind the veil in the outer places.

Zacarias was taking so much time at the Altar that the people who waited on him began to worry. For them it is one more ritual, one more service. However those who God brings to His new things time will fade as purposes are unveiled. I believe that as Churches embrace this end time preparation will see services extend hours and hours as God will unveil His end time plan. This remnant is being prepare “to birth the end time Elijah” . Those not brought in “beyond the veil” will not understand and will worry. God’s presence of fire meant to consume in this season will baptise.

In that season, at the Altar will the announcement will announce a rebirth of bodies, a people prepared made ready

Normality is interrupted because what God is about to do is miraculous

The altar is where faith must be received, God will restore youth so that the old woman can bear, where God’s people can rejoice because their long preparation is coming to an end. Many whose prayers, to which Gabriel refers, will now after many years been heard and He comes to announce their fulfilment. How many have prayed, sighed under great affliction, cried in grief, now have in this season their prayers heard. This new prayer encounter will be responded because it is crucial that the way of Jesus is prepared.

Matthew 25 gives us a clear picture of the way prepared, 10 virgins to shine the light before the Bridegroom who comes for His Bride. This directly speaks to the preparation of this 3rd Elijah, with 2 elements of oil and flame light the way. Hebrews speaks of God’s ministers a flame of fire 🔥. So in this new prayer preparation at God’s altar will cause a birthing and a completion of all God’s promises to that generation so that this generation is reconciled and ready to receive the Returning Lord.

Concluding words

The preparation between the 1st Advent and the 2nd will be a praying people. Let us expect a visitation, an unveiling of God’s plans, reviving of health of our bodies to birth God’s 3rd Elijah, and the reconciliation of the Generations.

Maranatha! Come Jesus!

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