The Coming of the Lord 6: A time of alignment and persecution

The End Times have been 2000 years in course, they are not just the last century, or last decade. In fact as I am writing this I have been through a major transition and accounts for the lack of posting to date. There are seasons when we must publish messages when we have settled in the things and changes that are taking place in many dimensions of our lives. The End Time started when Jesus Ascended, and He occupied the flow of ministry He exercises right now as the Great Intercessor at the Right Hand of the Father. This ministry to the Church first, then through the Church as a consequence is what is taking place right now.

When Jesus is fully manifest in His covenant people is when the world shall begin its resistance to God’s people.

When our following Jesus becomes unpopular and becomes the enemy of the state we are faced with hard and tough choices.

Right now the world is taking directions totally contrary to the Word of God. It will become increasingly uncomfortable to follow Jesus because of the light and language which is part of our lives. Many years have gone by when it was easier to belong to the Lord, now we are being forced to accept things that are contrary to what God has taught us.

Our revelation in the Word corresponds to unswerving commitment to the teachings therein

In fact the demarcating factor in end time shifts is when the world comes to oppose what we live and who we are. When the world begins to shift in its treatment of people and the penalisations that come for speaking and living truth, that is when we know time is short and where specific shifts in world events is preparing for the endgame of satan and his deceiving the world. Our commitment to Christ is soon going to hurt us in small ways in which it would seem easier to compromise than stay consistent to what teaching we have been discipled with from many years. This tendency obviously culminates in a system called the BEAST, but this beast system, a conjunction between religious, political and financial power comes into fulness. The seeds of this are being sown right now. The fact is it has to be a phased event because what satan knows is that subtle changes, subtle ideologies must be embraced for this anti-God system be implemented so the consciousness must be moulded to accept it. This is all about alignment. That alignment to Christ means a season of persecution, for alignment to satan means being constantly deceived until these people groups make ideologies part of political systems as we have today. There is a small gap between the anti God Beast system and what we are seeing today. This alignment becomes costly now, but our suffering becomes eternal rest for the redeemed.

When certain truths are forgotten and history is rewritten

The Word is being rewritten according to the lives we live and the thoughts we think.

I remember coming to Christ through the local Church, where seeking God in prayer, whole nights, where God’s presence would saturate us, where holiness was understood is steadily being forgotten in the Church. The satanic deception has started in God’s people. Satan is not so interested in those who have rejected the Gospel, but he invests time and strategy to deceive those who have been enlightened by the Gospel, so that they be lost. His hatred of Jesus and the Godhead means that his motivation is to harm the Kingdom. When Paul wrote to Timothy he is referring to our times. When we would love whole nights of prayer, praying about revival and holiness, we now have the prayer lines and instantaneous Christianity. We were taught that we needed to focus all our desire on godly things in prayer so that God answers them. The whole concept of holiness has been largely forgotten and as a result God’s grace has not been fully understood. The extent of deceptions being taught seems to be rewriting the whole Bible. Our understanding is becoming more and more superficial and we are seeing Bible theology through the filter of experience than proven Biblical truth, where we walk in greater maturity and discernment of truth. Our lives have become so survival oriented that now we have little time to seek out truth. When you consider Moses on the mountain 40 days, many husbands and workers are pressed to get an hour of prayer and study let alone minutes of reflection. Here the partnership between deception within the Body and world tendencies working in the families fighting for comfort and survival these are weapons for these end times.

Personal study with corporate mature teaching brings us into discernment.

This is the last message in this series concerning the Coming of the Lord, and for me personally has been very rewarding and enlightening. Our new series The Purpose of God: is going to fit neatly to what we have been learning here. I will adapt this series into a booklet from Amazon. This way you will have a permanent reference point.

Our alignment will determine the final image we will be conformed to…

The Book of Revelation talks about 2 groups of people, those who follow Christ, and those who follow satan. The Coming of Christ marks the end of a process where each person will be conformed to the image they align to. If we are following Christ, the Holy Spirit will mould us to look, act, talk like Christ Himself. The world that follows satan shall become more and more evil like he is. This process we see in the Parable of the Wheat and Tares where the revealing comes at harvest time. In the time leading up to the harvest, the wheat and the evil tares grow together. Soon there is “a gathering in” of the harvest when the fruit is full, when the saints shall be full of God, and the world full of wickedness. When God gathers all to the eternal realms so their works and their nature shall be revealed. This is the part where God has ordained the Coming of Christ is the demarcation between growth and fulness, and call together all into His judgment. Our suffering in this process is akin to Lot, who lived in Sodom, who was vexed beyond measure, and his cries as a righteous man rose to heaven, and God sent His angels to deliver him. This is symbolic of our times as we walk with God, our distaste for sin will bring a holy vexation and God will not send angels but His own Son to take us out of Sodom.

The more we walk in Him the more vexation we experience, it is distinct from being a Pharisee, who judges but has no grief in his heart. He judges his own righteousness to the standard of the sin he perceives. However vexation grieves when we perceive the agony of sin in our lives, its pressure on us, its effects on the world. The world itself groans says Paul, because of sin, and wickedness, only the revelation of the Son, and the sons of God will relieve this groaning. The more we walk against the world the more we will be like Him, the more we are like Him, the nearer is the time of His Coming.

Concluding words

This series has been rewarding and my hopes and prayers are that you have with me, learned and started to discern the signs of His Coming. May we explore more as we prayerfully seek His word for our days and Generation. Shalom.

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