The frog that boils

The warnings all over social media are not to be ignored. The banner of a pandemic has been a trojan horse. This trojan horse has brought the armies against the Church and its Christ.

Computer generated 3D illustration with the Trojan Horse at Troy

In Canada the Grace Church has been the target of police and political activity to shut it down. The pastor was imprisoned upon the notion that he was contravening COVID regulations because ALL governments deem the Church as the worst propagator of the disease, which has yet to be proved. The next thing is that now barricades have gone up around the Church to stop it functioning.

The frog has been simmering since the 1950’s

The trickle of the sands of time and little by little rights and liberties have been withdrawn with new and more complicated legislation. The trajectory of the nations against God and against the Church has brought us into a comfort zone, because we are the frog in the pan, the heat being turned up in very small incremental increases. The fact is we have reached the point where our apathy is so strong that we fail to feel the water begin to bubble around us, our jacuzzi is turning into our death pool. The fact is that there are documents that prove that planning for transitioning world society into a global equality and super state is nothing new. It is the way they are doing it. They are using fear to turn up the heat.

Its nearly too late!

The way society has been conditioned with the media and with education its almost going to be too late as the changes brought in will make it very illegal to have Church as we used to have it. Even Churches who follow the rules are being closed down. 2 Churches in two different nations were invaded on Good Friday to close it down. This is very real. And if we are being lulled into a sense of security for the lifting of lockdown, the Prime Minister in the UK has said it was not the vaccines that brought down infections, it was lockdown, somehow means we are being led so slightly to the 4th lockdown. These lockdowns are meant to frustrate and change the mentality of a nation to start to see who the enemies of the state will be. The paranoia and isolation is being used for this.

What can we do?

The first thing to do is to debunk the idea that this is all conspiracy theory. Then we must pray…pray that those who are pushing governments into paranoia and draconian measures be exposed. Pray that this agenda falls away. We must research what our nation gives in its rights for worship and legally stand for them. We have let this happen by allowing ourselves to trust blindly and subscribe to media outlets with an ulterior agenda. We must continue legally to worship and conduct the Great Commission that Jesus left us. We must not be the frog that dies in the comfort of boiling water because the changes that were so slight ended up with the death of our faith.

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