Marturia 11: When what we see touches us in our weakness and propels us in a new vocation: Isaiah 6

This is the 11th message in this series, and I sense we are coming to a conclusion. I will adapt this series and publish it as a ebook and physical publication. This is a book for keeps.

The 6th chapter of Isaiah tells us of a visitation of God’s habitation and God’s Throne. He saw Him, and there is a confrontation. How this ties in with the “Marturia” is that this “Mark of God” is that we are witnesses of Him, and being witnesses of Him He bears witness of us. The greatest parallel is 2 Kings 2, when Elijah is taken up, Elisha receives the double portion because He saw!

When we “see” the heavenly vision, and are “witnesses” of it, we are given a witness from God! So in this context I am tying in Isaiah 6 to this concept to reveal something God recently opened to me. Let us examine the elements that will map out for us how we will transition into greater depths of our “marturia”.

When we see Him High and Lifted up, we will see ourselves as He does

The season has come to see Him, and not only see Him, but see Him HIGHER, than ourselves, and LIFTED UP. How is He lifted up? When the seraphims and cherubims cry out “Holy, Holy is the Lord almighty,” so He is being lifted up…He is already high, but to be LIFTED up in our lives, we must CRY OUT “abba Father”, “Holy, Holy”. There must be an awakening in the West concerning the HOLINESS of God, the devil has managed to LOWER US to a sensual place. So we can no longer see Him HIGH and we can LIFT HIM IN OUR WORSHIP! What happens to us when we lift Him up from our hearts and our confession so we come undone, all arrogance, all pride falls, and the point of our weakness is exposed. The case of Isaiah was unclean lips. Right there God meets him. It is time we are exposed, as the Laodiceian Church, “we are rich and are in need of nothing…” such an arrogant attitude that Jesus the Messiah confronts. He says “You are poor, wretched and blind”. Right when we are undone so we cry out for His Mercy…He rapidly sends help.

The live coal deals with iniquity by taking it away, not reckoning it to us, and purging our sin. We need to see the relationship between iniquity and sin”

This live coal is no other than the Lamb of God, the shadow, and preparation to what mission the Lamb would have, as John 1 explains. Iniquity is the root of the acts of sin, the attitudes of sin, and motivates the sin nature. We sin because we are full of iniquity. We are at emnity and being in this condition means we are governed by iniquity. Iniquity is the root of sin. Jesus the Lamb extinguishes it in His blood, and purges the fruits of it. The Live Coal is applied right on the lips, and God does that, when He exposes where we are, is where He will meet us, and He will bring us out, freeing, delivering us. He is transitioning us to fulfil the purpose of the “Marturia” He places on us.

What came to Isaiah is not just a vocation to GO, but to BE the embodiment of a Messianic Preparation…

Since 1988 I have been preaching on this chapter. Each year God adds more and more. Now I have seen that what Isaiah was called to be, was a forerunner also of the Messianic ministry of Jesus, by describing it in the prophetic dimension, in details which are beyond human ability. Isaiah 53 is the culmination of him SEEING in detail the Messianic Mission before Jesus walked it out. This ministry is to prepare His FIRST coming.

What God is wanting to do is weed out our “garden of eschatology” so that we see what the end times is about…its about THE COMING MESSIAH AGAIN! We need to proclaim His coming, in detail, just as Isaiah did. This time who is coming is not THE SUFFERING SERVANT but the GLORIFIED KING!!! The “Marturia” brings us into the knowledge that the signs of His Coming is found in Revelation 11, where signs and wonders accompany those who preach the Messiah…healings, miracles and signs in the heavens.

Where Churches and ministries paint the end times with negativity the witness gives us the heavenly vision. We focus on the “Mark of the Beast” and forget the “Mark of God” and this “Mark” brings the culmination of the preparation for which Jesus the King appears. Yes, we will see hard times, we will see ourselves pay the ultimate price for our witness, but we will be motivated by a heavenly vision. It is that heavenly vision given to us, comes from the Marturia God applies to our obedience and transparency to Him. When we lift Him up, He shall take us up from our sin and inquity and place us as His witnesses.

“You shall receive POWER when the Spirit comes upon you and you shall be MY WITNESSES.” ACTS 1:8

The Holy Spirit is tied up with our witness, and for revival to come in our faith, in our Churches, no matter what denomination, needs the understanding what it means to be an end time witness.


He was High and Lifted UP!

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