Christmas Parallels 14: The Consolation of Israel and a modern Consolation

25 And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him. Luke 2:25

This will be the last message in the series. I must say for the last month I have been thoroughly blessed and enriched by the discoveries I was led to make in the Scriptures. I have collated these messages and I am offering them as a book to be published soon. To contribute to the publication of these messages please email.

I am writing now in the New Year with turmoil around me, instability, protest, fear surrounds all. The demographic of life is before Covid and after Covid. The fact is this is a fire for divine objectives, and God’s objectives will continue even through this. The Consolation of Israel points to a hope God began to birth in His people. This principle must be explored because this will neatly dovetail into my next series, whose start will be this week. This site is offered to be a resource to cause a new generation of WORD WARRIORS who will see through faith kingdoms subdued. Hebrews 11.

When God puts a new hope in our hearts its time to pray

 Simeon is introduced in the key verse above, but also Anna is included as a Holy Spirit mention as she also shared the hope of the Consolation of Israel. When you consider the time of preparation of these two, they knew how to pray through the years. They are both in tune with God’s plans, and that was their focus.

Hebrews 11 says, He is a rewarder of those who seek after Him. This kind of seeking must enter the Word Warriors because what process we are going to embark on, is for years and decades. I hope we can hang onto the promise the Holy Spirit gave Simeon, when He said that he would not die before touching the substance of his prayers. There is so much in this chapter and this principle that God makes me come back to it.

One day on a retreat in Newbury God made me “sit” with Anna in my imagination, in that time of prayer of 84 years. This lifestyle was being constructed of prayers, fastings and not departing from the Temple. In that time of many hours I began to sense what God began to prepare Anna for. What type of prayer life He was asking of her. There is no doubt that Simeon shared that same type of commitment. In that turmoil of Israel at that time, the demolishing of the Temple, so Anna continued her prayers. Our generation does not have that kind of staying power.

Anna Daughter of Phanuel

We need to acquire that power of prayer, for what is coming may take months or years for it to manifest until our Consolation manifests. What has God put in your heart? If He puts something in your heart He will confirm it in others. God will join a company and will give you a collective vision. When God does this it is a call to devotion and prayer. It is a time not just to seek for things, but as Hebrews 11 we seek after Him. This is the only way…our seeking cannot be the shopping list requests, because that kind of praying does not allow us to enter the place where we discern the ways of the Lord. Without the ways of the Lord both Simeon and Anna would have missed Jesus the Baby, yet because God prepared them, and in their seeking of Him, their hearts were interwoven with His…and when His Son appeared they were not fooled by the form of His appearing.

The Consolation they awaited for was to be spiritual ours which we await shall come manifest in the physical.

They knew that a new time was coming to Israel. We know in the UK and the USA that God has poured out His Spirit in times past, but evil has become the normal. What many were confused by was the manifestation of an idea of the Messiah which would subdue by force, yet what they got was a Suffering Servant. So what they received was a spiritual Kingdom. It came to fulness when the Holy Spirit descended upon them for proclaiming the Gospel. The Consolation we need to prepare for is a new outpouring that descends upon us for proclaiming His Judgments. This could take many years, but we need to be certain what we await for. I sense that the ways the world brings revolution by protest and violence is not the way we must, our protest is prayer and our violence is taking hold of the truth of Kingdom and living it out. Each one has to do as one is led.

The dove of the Spirit must precede the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Spirit of that Lion must arise in His people for the Jubilee trumpets must sound a certain sound…1 Corinthians 14. The Church of today, mainly asleep, ignorant as to the Word, and as addicted as the common man on the street to the comforts of this world. Those comforts are coming to an end because what is ahead is a consignment of mankind to a lost eternity. This could be called conspiracy theory but this is truth. How conspiracy theory is now so broadcast everywhere, as is the new parameters of the word “pandemic”.

What we are going to see is a physical manifestation of what has been spiritual for 2000 years. It is going to shock even believers, who like the Israelites will run for cover for the manifestation of fire, lightnings and trumpets shall sound. This Consolation was for the coming of the Saviour, but our Consolation is for the coming of the King of kings! What will it take for Him to appear?

We need to transition from visitation to habitation so that in the fullness of habitation there will come manifestation!

This is a key God is mapping out for you today! The Church has made a great error! We have cried out for visitation and when Jesus came to us we did not allow Him to become our habitation! We enjoyed His visitation but nothing changed and He like a visitor went away from our door.

The Lord desires to bring a new visitation but that we transition from a visitation to a habitation, that what we enjoy in that visitation, His closeness, His Word, His leading, His holiness, we make that our lifestyle. As we become full of Him so from the Habitation He has made us, Ephesians 2:20, He will appear and manifest as He is reflected in His People. The Habitation of Himself in His Church is a guiding factor in His Manifesting and His Appearing. And our Consolation in this Appearing is that the earth, and evil is dealt with a final blow. Many who have been deceived along the way shall be confronted by eternity. We however, who like Anna and Simeon have spent the years in preparation and prayer. We know and see with vision that manifestation because we “saw” it in prayer.

In this message, final message, is a rallying cry…Christmas is a visitation of the Word made flesh, we need the Flesh made Word again through His Church. We need to see that as we have just come into a new year, with crisis spoken here and there, knee jerk reactions, deaths, despair, it is urgent we enter a new process like Anna and Simeon , however long that takes, to see manifest our own Consolation of spiritual Israel.


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