Christmas Parallels 10: What the angels sing

The imagination can run riot when you consider a myriad of angels filling the heavens over Bethlehem.

The angels sing and declare peace on earth. Yet you and I know that 2020 has been anything but peace on the face of it. The fact is we are celebrating hoping that better times are ahead. And we wonder, why did the angels declare peace if all what we see externally apparently contradicts that declaration 📜?

The angels declare what God is doing

When we run down the references for angelic activity we see in the moments of great trial, upheaval and changes the angels are either involved in warfare or they are declaring. We verify in the Book of Revelation that the angels have been very active in every moment and in every change. Daniel 9 tells us of a change as God’s prophetic word through Jeremiah had come to a crucial point in which 70 years had passed, no sign of the King allowing the Israelites to return to their land. What we verify is 3 weeks Daniel prays and without answer.

When the answer finally comes the angel reveals to Daniel what processes were in place and warfare was going on to put into action the fulfilment of Jeremiah’s prophetic word. This prayer and angelic interaction was followed up in the same time period by Cyrus’ edict. The return had begun. The angels were clearing the way for restoration. The angels declare what God is doing.

Revelation is full of what God was developing over the ages. Here in the Christmas story the angels declare peace. It does not mean instant relief from conflict or disease, or the extinction of poverty. Rather this declaration marks the beginning of a process where true peace can be established. This process declared at Jesus’ birth means Him growing into a man teaching and healing all who came to Him. Giving His life at Calvary and is now seated at the Right Hand, interceding to establish peace. Isaiah speaks of God establishing Jerusalem and not giving God rest until He fulfils what we know that which He has promised.

The angels now have one remit; establish the reign of the King on the earth. Only when this is complete the declarations of the angels at that first Christmas is truly fulfilled. If we know this is their remit why don’t we find out what the angels come to us to do? I believe for the most part many are not seeing what is going on beyond the circumstances we are now living. They are forgetting behind all the politics, crises, there are spiritual processes at work. So we must align our whole motivation that the King who the Father Himself set (Psalm 2) be received by the whole of Creation as King and is confessed as Lord.

The Angels who declare over Christmas 2020

Do an exercise with me. Imagine that God gives you a glimpse of the angels this Christmas . Imagine what they are declaring over your family, over your nation. And turn this into a prayer. I am sure God will allow you to ascertain what their declarations are. This way you will begin to verify that this Jesus who comes to bring peace needs to work this out in the places you live. This becomes a deeper place of prayer.

The angels forever bring worship into what God does

As you read the Book of Revelation you verify that in every significant event God does something in the affairs of men there are angels declaring their worship. The fact is their focus is Jesus, the Lamb, the King. We need to shift our focus, from ourselves and our temporary needs to Jesus and His Eternal Plan. This works itself out in Revelation 22 that those who focused their lives on Jesus were given a place and a peace in the New Heaven and Earth. This is not self serving because this devotion to Jesus true and based on love.

Therefore let us reflect on the declaration of the angels at Jesus’ birth and know that that declaration is working itself in our lives today. The celebration is not about ourselves or what we receive, besides Isaiah 9 tells us the Father gave us a Son. He is more than any gift we could receive!

Happy Christmas


Russell Durose 25.12.20

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