Christmas Parallels 9: A Light for Revelation for the Gentiles and Glory for My People Israel:Luke 2:30-34

This series for me is life changing as God continues to reveal Himself through the Scriptures. Private revelation brings insight to what public revelation has already established. There is some confusion to do with revelation as we seem to think we have the authority to base doctrine via revelation, we do not. Our revelation only confirms doctrine and former insights into it. There is a verse that “There is no private interpretation of Scripture.” 2Peter 1:20. This means that the interpretation is both collective, and foundational by the first apostles and prophets. The modern day apostles and prophets only confirm the revelation of the founder generations. So these posts and messages are my journey in sharing what is already established in Scripture.

In this 9th message, we jump forward 7 days after Jesus is born, but within the Christmas season. We must concentrate on very important facets of this season, being that we have been witnesses of a one time event in the last few nights, with the reappearance of the Bethlehem star. I was remarking today that the star would have shone 2 years for the Magi to reach the place where Jesus was. It is obvious that Jesus remained in Bethlehem 2 years at least. The Bible gives no other indication. If it gives no other indication we must accept Bethlehem as the stopping point which the narrative gives.

There are elements in Simeon’s prophecy to the parents of Jesus which go beyond the common narrative of that time, and the reach of these words go far beyond what former prophets revealed. I am encouraged because God has not changed His modus operandii in that He reveals what He does today will affect the generations after us.

A Light of Revelation for Gentiles…

The Lord is expanding the access to His covenant. For that Gentiles would need LIGHT, the sort of light that John 1 speaks of. Jesus, His Person is LIGHT. His revealing to Gentiles would not be just in signs and wonders, but for the Greeks who were the main Gentile groups in that time, what would shine out as light to them would be the wisdom of God. For them wisdom was power. For the Romans it would be accessibility and collective power, which the Church would need to discover the power of community within the Roman sphere. We must think today and find out what speaks today…what would impact the nations today. I believe it is found in the light of purpose, and without that purpose we see the vacuum that exists if we do not find it, comes addictions and corruptions. It is time for us to be very specific in the way we ascertain what is happening in our world, and ask God to enable us to speak to it.

What would work in the 80’s and 90’s will just not do. We did evangelism a certain way, we did our Church meetings a certain way. And the world in its evolving technology has been in front of the Church in every way. I believe that our prayers must ask for innovation from God, the light of innovation. Giving you an example, I was talking to a minister friend in Texas, and I was reminded of how God brought innovation gifts through men in Exodus, particularly chapter 31. Bezaleel had such gifting in forming all the gold and metal objects in the Tabernacle. This gifting when was rededicated to the Lord was such glory such presence of God, which shows that this gift of innovation and craftsmanship was given by Him, and when given back to Him, He came in such power. God desires that we think outside of classic theology, traditional practices, so that we can receive His gifts for 2020, and beyond. We are disadvantaged so far as the Jews concerned. They have thousands of years of foundation with God and His covenants. Hence we depend on His full revelation.

Think about the Christmas story, to the shepherds He was the Great Shepherd. To the Magi He was the Great King. In your sphere and talents and gifts, could it be through these Jesus desires to be revealed? In a world of darkness= ignorance, insecurity and fear, there needs be light. This light must come through our expression of Jesus that shakes people out of darkness with His Light. His light does not just come through what we say but the things He gifts us to do. Those gifts cannot reveal how good we are, but the light of them reveals Jesus as He is. A revelation is a revealing, and Christmas is that, a revealing of a Birth, and that revealing must come every year, in every generation, of who Jesus is, above all what speaks in a generation.

Glory to My People Israel

We have seen that God deals with two sets of people differently, for Gentiles it is light, whilst for Israel, it is glory. This has a different meaning in the sense we get an indication of how God is dealing with the Two Olive Trees of Zechariah. They must have names if we translate this prophecy from Simeon, that they are light and glory. They both pour out oil to light the Lampstand. There is One Lampstand. Revelation 5 reveals this fact. Glory as a word means: weight, fulness, completeness. It means that whilst we come to Jesus via the Light He brings to us, for the Jews and Israel He will reveal Himself in the Glory of Abraham, Moses, David and the prophets…He shall come in a way that the Jews perceive He is the fulness of all the foundation God put in their lives these 4000 years. The people who comprise of Israel will comprehend God in their being brought into completion.

Much controversy has raged concerning Israel, with the propagation of heresy concerning the Gentiles turning into spiritual Israel, and the physical Israel being abandoned by the Lord. When we read Exodus 32 God tests Moses in that He says He would destroy the people. Moses appeals to God’s covenant keeping, regarding Exodus 3 and Genesis 15. In Exodus 3 we see God respond to the Outcry, and in the context of Genesis 15 we see God respond in Exodus to the covenant He made with Abraham. If God brings Israel to her land, how much will He bring her to Her Messiah? When Israel realises and comprehends the Glory of God to them starting with Jesus the Messiah, so the earth and heavens will pass away for new heavens and new earth for eternity. Jesus is the start of bringing His Glory to Israel. The light of the Gentiles will make way for the Glory of Israel and Jesus shall be fully seen as He is. Is this not the fulness of the Christmas message?

For the Christmas message we see Jesus being hidden, but only a few prepared people saw Him and touched Him. In the times coming He shall come for all to see and all the Redeemed shall touch Him and worship Him. Is this not what we really celebrate this Christmas? Yes, we celebrate the Baby, the Light He brings to us Gentiles, but for Israel His New Christmas, His new coming, shall He complete Israel’s glory.

When you compare the phases that this Glory is being prepared, AD70 the demolishing of the Temple, and scattering over the earth, the Inquisitions, the Holocaust, to finally have their nation given in 1948, where they can freely return! Is this not a difficult journey for them? And it shall come when all shall gather in Jerusalem to see plainly their pierced Messiah, and shall mourn for they shall recognise Him. Zechariah 12:10, Revelation 1:7.

May the Light of the Gentiles pave the way for the Glory of Israel.


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