“Declaring the end from the beginning” Isaiah 46:10

The admonition from the previous verse is to “remember the things of old”, this has value when you set to seriously commit yourself to a new level of study of God’s Word searching out God’s ways. Psalm 103 commends Moses for knowing God’s ways. They preceded the working of God’s acts.

If we are to go on the train of meditation of the prophet Isaiah we can see patterns in God’s dealings with creation right from the beginning. We have to see that Genesis 1 is not just a literal description of creation, but a multi layered discernible process which God puts into action in every age and every generation.

Out of chaos comes order…Genesis 1:2

We examine 2020 and we can taste some of the chaos. The Bible defines the word “chaos”. The world was WITHOUT FORM AND EMPTY. There is a deconstruction of both form and there is an emptying of values and normal order. What is being formed is formless living, and empty of morality and common decency. The whims inspired by mammon, influence, power and authority to control, manipulate, make gain from illegal means, and the problems are not just in the world, we have some of it coming into the Church. We see theology become more and more superficial, and “pillar” truths being forgotten or we are being deceived and distracted from them. The Word presents that there is an order that comes from this scenario. 2 elements, which are really two members of the Trinity present themselves here.

The Spirit broods: Genesis 1.2

The Holy Spirit appears on the scene. He is brooding on the face of this chaos. He is brooding because He is waiting. This is where our “charismatic” experience gets it so wrong. For so long we have given a exaggerated value on the “move of the Holy Spirit” and we have cried out for it, in various scenarios. Yet what God is going to do in the season coming is to present what we should be “brooding” for. The Spirit waits, because He needs something to be a catalyst or someone.

The Son speaks “Let there be light” Genesis 1:3

If you remember our chaos was also dark. Darkness does not just describe the kingdom of the devil, it represents ignorance, devoid of spiritual understanding. The Spirit await the appearance and voice of the Word. This Word is the Son of God speaking. John 1 captures this, when He speaks of what the Word has acted in the ages past, including here in creation. When the Word appears there is LIGHT.

Can you see that “ray” of light coming down? That is what the Word did in the chaos of pre creation. This is what is going to happen the rest of this year, a declaration to show us the way into the seasons of God before us. It will be as a “ray” of light which will illuminate your home, your work, your church, your ministry. There is much fear because fear thrives in the darkness, where you cannot discern or find your way. But where there is light there is faith.

So do not despair, this “chaos” is allowed by God, to bring about a deconstruction and remind men that no human structure can withstand the changes God is bringing to install the Kingdom of God. From chaos comes the Word and the Spirit to brings God’s order. We see 6 days which He creates, stage by stage. God does this in our lives, that is stage by stage He brings us the basic building blocks to completion and then brings us into our rest.

Unless we really discern these building blocks God uses in every age, we will be like the world aimlessly grasping at solutions. What we need to discern the “brooding” and then the “speaking”. In Isaiah 46:9&10 he is saying that if you want to discern your season you must discern God’s work in the beginning and that is a logical demonstration of what is coming also at the end. There will be an end time chaos, which will make way to a new creation, of Revelation 22, where a New Heaven and New Earth will come into existence, governed by a eternal King, whose Light is God, forever faith, forever hope, forever love.

This chaos of this year at all levels is God at the door to impact all levels of your chaos, what you need to pray is to discern the Brooding of the Spirit, and the Speaking of the Son. That way you can see God replace your ignorance and darkness with light, and replace your chaos with divine order!


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