“And there was a cloud that overshadowed them” Mark 9

Yesterday the Church celebrated the Transfiguration. I have written about this several times. Having said that sometimes we come back because more insight is given. The things that I ascertain today are not the things I ascertained in times past when I did a series on this very subject a few years ago.

The Transfiguration in my view is a demarcation in the earthly ministry of Jesus. I believe that the life of Jesus is a prophetic pattern for our own lives. What ever Jesus walked in, we too will walk. In the quality that we are saved in Calvary, we are given new life in Resurrection , we are placed in Heavenly places in Christ says Ephesians 2. The process is phased, as is the programme of Jesus Christ in eternity. When you consider that this week away from home, being in the truth of the Rest of God, cited by Hebrews 3 and 4, we see a progression in the way that Rest is brought into our lives. We have to start with the Father of all those that believe. Abraham. In Hebrews 11:10 we see Abraham ascertain the eternal programme extended to him through covenant. A celestial community, unity with each other and union with God through Jesus Christ. However to get there he was alerted there would be a process to Christ and we are yet in that same process. We are waiting for the Kingdom to manifest in fulness. It has yet to manifest, and yet there are forerunners to it. The Church is the bearer of these firstfruits, Ephesians 1. So in the Rest that God extends to us, we must know that it is a state that will accompany us to death and beyond.

Jesus takes 3 of His Disciples to the Mount, and is transfigured, His robes are shining white that no-one can polish, clean like that, says Mark. Appeared with Him in Glory Moses and Elijah. They are talking and discussing the Mission of Jesus in Jerusalem. It has been spoken by them, as Luke 24 expounds in Jesus’ explanation from Scripture His own death and rising from the dead. We see Him starting from Moses and the Prophets. What we have to note is the disciples are not spiritually perceiving the moment.

This is the season Jesus needs to be transfigured in the Church, that is seen in His Glory

The Church exists by the Holy Spirit as Christ’s Body in the earth. Therefore if that is so is it not pertinent to assume that He should be discerned in the Body? When He is transfigured here to prepare Him for His earthly consummation on Calvary I believe the “transfiguring” of Jesus in our midst must prepare the Church to give herself to the Calvary of her own so that the end can come. The prophets, have spoken all through time of the finest moment when God will overcome the evil one through His saints, and will bring forth a new creation. The Church throughout the pandemic is slumbering with heaviness, the Glory is always a weight. It weighs on us, because the Glory does not come without fire, and warfare. No sooner they descend the mountain they are confronted by a demon.

The key is seeing Jesus as He is now, not when He was in the Gospel. We have confused the mission as that being a Gospel Jesus, forever Servant, but we must also embrace the King. He is the Judge of all the earth. He is the Jesus whom the Father confirms. Wherever Jesus appears, the Father speaks…attesting of His Son. He does this in putting into action one strategy, placing Jesus on the eternal throne and Him rule for eternity…where love and perfection reign. Once Jesus is seen within the Church we will see a reaction as the earth shall shake, earthly structures shall be in derision before Him.

How do we receive the Transfigured Jesus in our midst?

  1. Ascertain the Season: we must see that now is a demarcation point in our history. All of the nations struggle with opposing forces, one proposing traditional values the other globalist humanistic platforms which oppose the Bible, the Church, Christ. Right now in the pandemic we have seen the issue a demarcation as much as 11th September 2001 was a demarcation. Who knows if the vaccine will alter DNA, if it will have the Mark of the Beast. On this issue we are to remain vigilant. The whole season has the potential to destabilise, and has the potential to restructure. The challenge is to evaluate the substance, the hupostasis of Hebrews 11:1, the foundation we have to remain firm in this time. Major entrenched strongholds must be challenged in this time. The season is just like in the 7 Churches of Revelation, where 4 Churches must hear to overcome, Thyratira was a demarcation, where overcoming was a condition to hearing. The Church at Thyratira was too tolerant and Jezebel had come into her midst, sowing false doctrine and immorality. I sense we have to withstood well entrenched doctrine, well entrenched strongholds. Jezebel is a principality to be resisted, you may even almost die for it, but you cannot be tolerant. Tolerance brings spiritual sickness, and if we do not overcome we do not hear the end time strategies of God. So the ascertaining is not mere asking God, it is overcoming and having a no compromise posture spiritually.
  2. Ascertaining the Eternal Project: The eternal project of God I ascertained in studying the Word. I believe more than ever we need to have a radical study commitment, not just hear others but Hear God in the Scriptures for yourself. I have come to 2 conclusions. I see that God’s eternal project for His Church and Israel is phased. It is constantly manifesting till arrives at fulness. The fulness will bring us all into a collision course with the evil one. The other conclusion is that the Bible never treats the Plan of God in the individual only, but it gives emphasis to a collective. It means that His covenants are for the Church, a Jesus collective, and Israel, a Abraham collective. So God’s plan for me as an individual is entwined in that which is the collective. The collective plan is entwined in my eternal destiny. We are a tapestry in God’ hand, and no strand is more important over another, they contribute as a whole to the picture God is painting. The eternal project is God the Father putting Jesus on His eternal Throne alongside His Bride, pictured as the New Jerusalem, with 12 Foundations of the Church, (a book I am writing is of this title, pray I finish it), and 12 Gates, which represent the union between 12 of Israel, and 12 apostles of the Church.
  3. Ascertain the Eternal Jesus: Acts 3:19-21 alludes to the role of Jesus in every move of the Holy Spirit in His Church. I would like to recommend a book on this subject: The Holy Spirit in the Evolving Church by James A Corden. You can get it on Kindle. This gives a panoramic view of the role of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of the Church. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to the Church in each kairos generation to bring about the restitution of all things. This is a powerful programme. The restitution is bringing back from the evil one, the world, the ignorant mind, spiritual riches and truths that bring about impact, transformation, revival, new configurations of societies. This is a forerunner of that perfect society coming in the New Jerusalem. He is “retained” so that this programme is complete, and once the Church is full, of God, so the end will come.
  4. Ascertain a Bride Mentality: Revelation 21 and 22 tells us the destiny of the Bride of Christ. The Bride must be totally in love with her lover who is Christ. God is using the pandemic to search this out of us. The structures we have had before have all been shaken out of existence if you will. It is not Church as usual. It cannot be. Once we return to our first love, like Ephesus was commanded, Revelation 2:5 we will start to comprehend our identity as the Bride of Christ. In our worship, prayers, Bible study, we will have a new expression. it’s no longer about the meeting, but about meeting Him in our homes now. The role of the Holy Spirit is to make us all ready for our Union with Him. Let us ask Him to make us aware of our identity.

It is time we listen to the Prophets and Scripture what they say about the end time generation…

In Luke 24 we see Jesus, not recognised by the two, explain the plan of God through the Prophets and Moses. Their hearts began to burn within them. The end process is that their eyes were opened. It is time to contrast with those 3 of the Mount of Transfiguration who slumbered under the weight, not comprehending Him nor who He is. Our comprehension of heart, burning within us, comes before our eyes are opened. The reason for this is that the heart needs changing before the eyes can open!

The Glory and the Voice of the Father only come to confirm the Son…

We see Glory and the Voice of the Father come only to confirm the Son. We need a manifestation like that! The 3 disciples were taken into the cloud to hear the Father declare the Son! God in this hour must do this for the Church, taking her into the Cloud of His Glory, where only love can sustain us there! We have tried like Peter to make our tabernacles there, but God wants no Tabernacle, but to proclaim His Son! We must see what happens in the Church: God the Father proclaims the Son, the Glorifies the Father and sends the Spirit, the Spirit manifests the authority of the Son within the Church. Is that not powerful? Does not your heart burn within you ? Let us embrace this vision so our eyes are open. Once they are open Jesus can come into our midst as He is, and He can send His Spirit to us, bringing signs and wonders for this generation!


Russell A Durose 7.8.20


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