Eli in the Church

As the lockdown eases the nations are relegating the Church as the last place to open. It seems that there is a conception that the Church is the most dangerous place to propagate the virus. I find this very suspect in the sense that there must be an agenda at work.

However the politics and the decisions concerning Church, the whole demographic has changed. We are living in a situation where God has allowed the lockdown to happen. In this time what has been revealed is a principle.

When the priesthood becomes corrupt God raises up His Prophets

In 1 Samuel 2 we read of a unnamed prophet present himself to Eli the High Priest. There he speaks that the sins of his sons has provoked the God of heaven and has decreed an end to the house of Eli. The judgment on his house had no redemption, and as a judgment the two sons who had served to give God the left overs of the sacrifices, would die in one day. God would take away the priestly robes of the house of Eli.

The reaction was not of repentance, rather resignation. It will happen, and he sees that this is a given, a inevitability. There is in some the incapacity for repentance. And I believe this lockdown has this effect, to root out Eli from the heart of the Church. The ministry can no longer serve for the Way of Cain, nor the error of Balaam, nor the gainsaying of Korah. Jude 11.

Jude speaks of these 3 aspects as they were present in the Church in His day. I believe it is present today. And this is why God always sends His prophets when the Corporate Priesthood has been left in corruption. I believe God is coming to deal with this 3 aspects at His Altar.

The way of Cain has been in the worship ministry

The story of Cain presents itself at the Altar of worship. In this the worship is not accepted by God, there is a sign of rejection. For some time now the worship has taken on a contemporary style where music is worshipped more than He who deserves our worship. The styles matter more than the form of worship. In 2 Samuel we see that God reject David’s attempt at worship as he brought the ARK back to Jerusalem. Yet David sought God. There has been Cain at the Altar bringing an incompatible sacrifice of worship. The reason for God’s rejection was not what Cain brought in terms of his offering, its the heart condition. 3 things were in his heart. They were jealousy, anger and murder. How many people have ministered with these things in their hearts? They have been jealous of those they consider have little talent but a great anointing and intimacy with God. They minister in anger because their projection sometimes is stunted by an unseen hand. They finally kill off these young anointed warriors. God is about to mark these “Cains” in the next season. They will be known for wandering the earth, and those discerning will see this mark and know they have ministry blood on their hands.

The error of Balaam has been in God’s prophets

3 times Balak went to see Balaam to promise wealth and influence. It is known that whilst the prophecy was right, the heart was wrong, and eventually the guile of Balaam sent Cozbi into the camp of Israel to bring plague and the death of 24 thousand people. It has been the lot of prophets today who prophesy right but they are given to mammon, and to popularity. Mammon is something that Jesus was zealous to anger 2 times in his ministry. The temple was full of merchandise. It became a commercial centre. The concepts of worship and prayer had been mixed with selling. Jesus drove this out. The ultimate judgment was that in 70AD the Temple is demolished. We know that Balaam is killed by Israel eventually as this was a sore situation known to Moses, and God also was watching to perform His judgment. The prophets in this lockdown have been exposed. God will correct this error.

There has been gainsaying of Korah in the leadership

The reason God sectioned Korah out for judgment was calling into question the election of God in bringing Moses to lead Israel to Canaan, and his authority to bring a solid spiritual foundation to the nation. He brings a relativity into the leadership, by saying the whole company is holy, and Moses presumes a leadership and has nothing to do with God. This is what God will do, He will open the earth to swallow up this presumption. Once this is sown, there are many ways this is sown into the community, and Moses is accused of killing leaders. The judgment of the Lord is poured out a few times until Aaron and the leaders are confirmed before the nation.

How has this got to do with Eli? I believe that Eli has all these characteristics. The Lord took 4 generations of Eli priesthood to remove and put a Zadok priesthood in his place. Right now God has been patient with his leadership and I believe God is about to put His Zadok in the place. A line of establishers, reformers, rebuilders. And after this lockdown we need these in the Body, to bring the Glory so that God’s people be delivered from fear and prepared for the Last Harvest, and the Day of the Lord.

May God deliver us from the Way of Cain, the Error of Balaam, the Gainsaying of Korah.


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