An experience with Sepsis

I am going to make this post personal, after relating on a video recorded today to raise awareness of a silent killer. I have been home all this month recovering from this devastating experience. However what has become evident, our faith is key to the recovery and processing of what happens in a way that brings a therapeutic and potential cathartic experience too.

I took some time recently donned in my bedroom robe to look at my journal from 2019 and the extensive travelling done. Shortly before Christmas having been at Downside Abbey, the Lord spoke to me: from Revelation 4, when He said “come up here”.

Just after this, after trials and bad weather was able to get home for Christmas as there were rain storms. I had fever Boxing Day, for which I went to the doctor, which was seen to be a normal virus. Come January 2nd I was rushed into hospital with a body rash, red skin, blue extremities, shallow breathing, heart rate almost non existent, and multiple organs affected. My wife being with me throughout the whole ordeal. It was a race against time. It seemed my word was coming to pass from the Abbey, to visit heaven.

As I was taken to Intensive Care so the diagnosis had been established, Sepsis. I had entered the most dangerous phase, multiple organ failure. Let me say, what my experience taught me, not to trust on my inner senses. Silence ruled there, yet around me I sensed angelic presence, the miracles beginning to take place, the sense of prayer, some of which came my way via my wife’s unceasing contact with partners, ministers, friends from over the globe.

God was carrying me. I was not alone. And I was released home for the rest of my recovery process. This recovery process has confronted the hidden fears, and the surrender I needed to do, recognising who is centre is God. Recognising that I am not too important in God’s plan, but that what is important is centering on him.

So many are not so fortunate, some having scars that last years from this killer. Sepsis is not a sickness, it is the body sending white blood cells to kill off infection, but it is not found and so these same cells attack the body and the organs, hence what sets in is organ failure.

My advice is not to ignore fever, nor flu symptoms. More and more due to our misuse of medicines, sepsis is becoming a reality and it has a 50% mortality rate.

To conclude what started out as danger will bear fruit, as I process this with faith. God protects, and He works wonders if we work with wisdom.


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