Jesus; the precursor, forerunner

Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.
Hebrews 6:20 KJV

Jesus has gone before us. It has a literal and spiritual significance.

Beyond being the sacrifice Jesus is the High Priest. He has entered the Presence of the Father,within the Holy and Celestial Temple. This is literal.

From a spiritual perspective we must understand that if Jesus is a forerunner that means where He has walked we will also walk. This means we will walk in both His sufferings but also in His Victory. We shall also sit with Him in glory.

In the context we are living in right now, we are seeing a fragmentation of the Church, and this work of fragmenting has been going on for 500 years or more. This fragmentation has hit the Theology of the Church, has hit the ecclesiastical makeup, the way we meet, the way we express our faith. In this weakening there is a moulding of typical Christian families with the pressures of society, parenting, work, financial constraints, we are seeing more and more a subtle change in Theology where we look for instantaneous solutions rather than adopt long term disciplines.

On a report from ABC Australia young people, many people were asked for verses from the Bible. They could not remember. And so whilst the Protestant movement criticised the Catholic Church for not making scripture available for all, we are now seeing where scripture is available but people are incapable of adopting proper time consuming disciplines, they now depend on the preaching at Church and instantaneous ministrations where responding to altar calls will suffice.

The reason I am highlighting this here is because once we understand in what we comprehend about our Forerunner we understand the cost of where we will walk, and what we will walk into, and why we are walking where we are going.

This takes discipline of prayer and acquiring the art of contemplation. The Scripture is so multi dimensional that for us to acquaint ourselves with it we must first develop our spiritual senses. Hebrews 5:14. This is for those who are being matured. This development is aided by the Holy Spirit who causes us to comprehend what God is causing us to walk in.

Right now in the panoramic view of world events without being established in spiritual understanding we are dependent on human understanding.

Human understanding would never comprehend the mission of Jesus, nor the purpose of His Ascension. This Post Ascension Jesus walks in the places we are walking into. Acts 3;19-21 tells us that whilst we are here on Earth Jesus will come to us to supervise a generational revelation of Himself on the earth,which will lead to a generational manifestation of His Eternal Plan. This Eternal Plan is legally forced into action by the death of the “testator” whose death sealed the covenant inheritance, and His Blood dealt with the sin issue. 2 particular consequences of His Death.

We cannot expect to know His Will unless we are prepared to walk where He walks. We cannot expect to be part of His Plan for our generation unless we are disciplined to discern His Word via the Revelation of His Word in our personal life, or our interaction with His Church.

As we fulfil His Plan we may be the generation for which He will come to physically implant the fulness of Kingdom. Then we will need to walk in the spiritual places Jesus once walked to take our place as kings and priests ever called to minister and fellowship to Him and with Him.

He being our forerunner means that He is guiding us to walk in the paths He has walked so that in eternity we may live where He lives, sit where He sits, rule from His Throne, and live in His Rest.

Many of us do not recognise that the world wants to distract our attention from the place where are going in Him. Our fleshy pursuits can take us off the path, by appealing to our flesh, deceiving our soul, and binding our spirit.

That is why Hebrews 12:2 says; Looking firmly to Him, author and perfector of faith.

It show us the weights that can be an obstacle. There is a cost to be seated with Him. Ephesians 2:6. That cost however does not hurt us when our focus is to know Him and obey Him.

Paul in Philippians shows us that we can access the high calling if we reject the power of our achievements being a qualifier for the high calling other than understanding that God reaches out to us and extends a personal covenant.

That way we have the right to follow Him to the places He has walked in heavenly realms. Ephesians 1.3


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