Rest in Peace Paul Cain

Paul Cain, 89, passed into glory. He is widely known as one of the Kansas City prophets under the leadership of Mike Bickle. This movement exploded to be well known in 1988. Paul Cain had been 40 years in silence since he left off his early ministering.

His early ministry was associated with the Latter Rain revival that characterised healing and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the late 1940 and into the decade of 1950.

There was a 40 year period when it seemed that Paul Cain disappeared from the scene, and were wilderness years for him.

It was 2005 when he confessed to homosexual tendencies and alcoholism, and he had a difficult restoration which he completed. He came to the UK numerous times ministering with connections with Ken Gott in Sunderland.

Recently he had difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. He died with this issue.

Now that he has passed on, many are discussing him with the panorama of his moral difficulties and his fall. Also many speak that he was a false prophet. So very unkind in a time of grief for those who considered him a father to their ministry.

I would like to express the Heart of God. Yes many have fallen in ministry, many err in their theological foundations, many have lost their way. I am writing about a man who I only had very sporadic communications. I only respect the fact that many see him as a father figure and speak of him as caring and loving.

There is a tendency now with social media to call out those who are weak or in error calling them false. I believe that the life of Paul Cain is an example for all of us that despite the failings common to man, he lived his life for the Lord. My heart has no right to judge him wrongly as though I were immune to the sins of the flesh. If I were to falsely judge His servant then God will allow me to suffer the pain of my sins.

Let us respect the servant of God who passed into glory. Now the judgment BELONGS to the Lord. Let us honour him as a servant who served God and manifest the Spirit.

Rest in peace and glory Paul Cain.

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