Crisis in Brazil

The front runner for the Presidential elections Jair Bolsonaro was in campaign in Minas Gerais when he was stabbed.

It is apparent that this may be an “inside” job in that someone wants this front runner out of the race.

The dangers that are spreading from Venezuela and it’s implosion due to extreme version of socialism is affecting Latin America, with Brazil having inequality high throughout the society.

We pray for Jair Bolsonaro that he recovers and that he gains courage to continue. We pray for the popular support to grow and that this grave happening work for the good of Brazil as a nation.

We pray for the Church in Brazil to rise up in special prayer. We bless you Brazil and pray that you do not follow the “goat” nations. One of Bolsonaro’s proposals was to change the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem.

We pray for justice and righteousness


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