2nd Prophecy for Brazil

The other day when I published the message for Brazil the Lord had not given me the whole message because there is a new part for God to deal with the nation but the Church!

Então caiu fogo do Senhor, e consumiu o holocausto, e a lenha, e as pedras, e o pó, e ainda lambeu a água que estava no rego. O que vendo todo o povo, caíram sobre os seus rostos, e disseram: Só o Senhor é Deus! Só o Senhor é Deus! E Elias lhes disse: Lançai mão dos profetas de Baal, que nenhum deles escape. E lançaram mão deles: e Elias os fez descer ao ribeiro de Kison, e ali os matou. Então disse Elias a Acab: Sobe, come e bebe, porque ruído há de uma abundante chuva. E Acab subiu a comer e a beber; mas Elias subiu ao cume do Carmelo e se inclinou por terra, e meteu o seu rosto entre os seus joelhos. E disse ao seu moço: Sobe agora, e olha para a banda do mar. E subiu, e olhou, e disse: Não há nada. Então disse ele: Torna lá sete vezes. E sucedeu que, à sétima vez, disse: Eis aqui uma pequena nuvem, como a mão de um homem, subindo do mar. Então disse ele: Sobe, e dize a Acab: Aparelha o teu carro, e desce, para que a chuva te não apanhe.
1 Reis 18:38‭-‬44 ARC

The Lord took my attention to two manifestations exposed in this passage. Fire and rain.

God is about to deal with the “prophets of Baal”. They sit at Jezebel’s table for sustenance. They are devoid of freedom to exhort the pure Word. They are men pleasers. Says God that He is using this crisis to bring reality to the leadership. He has not finished. This current relief of pressure is not over!

When the army come in with water cannon and rubber bullets you will know that the second part is coming. For the Lord says if you call for fire know that it’s coming to consume. It shall expose for the prayers and meetings of these prophets of Baal shall suddenly lack their power. The Fire in this passage and prophetic application for Brazil is for leadership. The Fire is to establish an ALTAR for the Lord Yahweh. For many altars have been raised in Brazil but few of them are the Lord’s altar.

For what has been appointed is fire on the Lord’s altar. So I call my prophets in Brazil to build my Altar to my design. Says God.

Indeed the display of God’s fire is unexpected be cause false doctrine shall be shown for what it is.

The rain is for the saints. The Lord asks the prophets in Brazil; Do you hear the sound of my rain?

Indeed the Lord is seeing the dryness of the land and the exhaustion of the believers in cities, towns, villages. They are preparing to die for lack of the reality of God.

God says to the saints; go up the mountain and pray, do not cease…for I am sending a small sign. It shall be a cloud. Do not be deceived by the cloud for you shall sense breakthrough but keep going and you shall run ahead and you shall see the downpour.

The crisis is not over. The crisis is not about the nation but it is about corruption in the Church of Jesus. He is coming to deal with the prophets of Baal.

It is time for the Church to set in motion the forces of change by being changed from within. Indeed the outcome is not many altars but one altar. THE ALTAR OF YAHWEH. Unity and common purpose is where the Lord is taking the Church in Brazil.

A new season has come and the motive for the spiritual dryness; a corrupt leadership sold to Jezebel and her table shall be shown that He answers by fire.


The rest of the prophetic message God gave me concerning Brazil. 30.5.2018

Russell A Durose

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