My response to Facebook lynching of Rev. Michael Curry

The last 24 hours have been for me the most grief I have had for a long time. It seems that FB has become the arena for ministries to be engaging at a level which Jesus never mandated. Preachers are now becoming political commentators and prophets are becoming witch Hunters who search out wrong agendas and motives. We are being constantly confronted by the warnings that we are being deceived.

The lynching of Rev. Curry in my view is an attempt to play the Holy Spirit and an usurping of Jesus the Head. That is the problem right there. Too many ministers are playing the head and yet are becoming the tail.

The swamp as we see it is not out there. It’s right in our midst. I have found people I respected ; people of renown ; of years of ministry ; engaging in a remit that Jesus did not give them. Opinion and conspiracy theory and speculation has filled the air. People who I read their teachings even read their books are engaging what can only be a smear campaign.

If Rev. Curry is running a Campaign other than Jesus, Jesus is the Head. He has ways to discern, discipline and deal with. It is not the remit of ministers to publically stone him with our words .

I have seen photos and statements that grieve the Holy Spirit. I am a British born person. I am all for the Royal Family warts and all. I know all about the theories that abound. But I fulfil the Word and pray for them . The Wedding of Harry and Rachel Meghan is a coming together of two races. No doubt their love is evident. Who cares if it is staged ? Who cares if it is a agenda driven situation ? All I care about is that somehow and in some way some can be saved.

Paul said that many may preach with wrong motives but at least the Word is being preached.

My advice to ministers and ministries who have engaged in a political activity on social media instead of engaging in prayerful activity must cease this activity. Focus on what God gave you to do. Stop pointing the finger. Stop stirring up controversy. One day you could be the object, you could be exposed. Then you will be the victim of the inquisition you helped set up.

Joel says that the ministers must stand at the Threshold and weep. Weep for the state of our nation’s. If we cannot do that then we have no right to occupy a place in ministry.

I write this with grief in my heart . I write this knowing that we must all bear responsibility for the powerless Church . Jeremiah prophesied judgment but he wept prophesying. Let us weep for the state of the nation’s.

May God bless Rev. Curry and Archbishop Welby, give them wisdom and knowledge to fulfil their vocation. May God bless the monarchy and raise up godly kings and queens and dukes and duchesses.

May God decide who is holy and who is not.


One thought on “My response to Facebook lynching of Rev. Michael Curry

  1. Well said. I am ashamed of the critical, nit picky “Christians” on any social platform now. If you can’t encourage someone, do not say anything. No wonder people will not go to church. Where is our love for Jesus and each other?

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