Word to prophets; come out of your cavern of vulnerability

Come out of your cavern of vulnerability

In 1 Kings 19 we see Elijah victorious by one act of heaven’s intervention proving that the God he served was indeed the One who manifests by fire. The nation turned from the greatest false cult of the day.

Indeed even today the cult of “Baal” is alive and well. The Word “Baal” is “lord” but a small Lord at that. The antidote is a prophetic move of demonstrating that the Great Lord God is one who answers His prophets. Many moves of God have been had.

However the leaders have embraced a false Lord who is not God. The prophets have come under great intimidation and many have retreated in the desert and caves. God is asking today ” why are you here?”

Indeed it may seem we are alone yet like His Word to Elijah; will break our isolation to show us a great company who have not bowed the knee to this false cult.

God will reveal a new call to His prophetic vessels to bring forth a new leadership generation. Indeed this new leadership shall go further to root out the false leadership that preaches a lord who has no similarity with the True Adonai; the Lord Yeshua.

There is coming a great despising for this false cult of Jezebel and they collectively shall throw her down in their congregations.

There shall be great shifts in the nation’s as new leaders shall be anointed. There shall be kings who shall support God’s work, kings who will take out the Jezebel evils from the cities.

It will start as you go forth from your cavern and embrace the new vision. God is taking you to the end of your capacity and your fears. You shall see that the fire God is raining down no longer required a small company but now He raises up a 3 fold move. This will touch the kingship, the priesthood and the prophetic.

God is bringing you out. To Bring you into the new thing He is doing.


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