2 Samuel 6; Bringing back the Presence of God part 2: The House of Abinadab

The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 7 that after returning from the land of the Philistines the Ark returned on a new cart with the cows lowing as they went. They went directly unguided back to Israel. 

The Ark dealt major blows to the false god of the Philistines and inflicting plagues on the people. It was sent back out of the land.

It is curious that the Ark was not returned to the Tabernacle in Shiloh. And from the house of Abinadab was taken after 10 years to the Tabernacle of David. Here we see God bringing a new season into the nation of Israel culminating with its King bringing the Ark to the centre of national worship. 

Today as we see many denominations and meetings and conferences I cannot help but wonder when I meditate on this theme if indeed the “Ark” for a long season is not where it should be. We see this manifest in unexplained diseases and falling away of the faith, the propagation of error and heresy. 

The full blown Presence of the Shekinah presence of God is something few in our time have sensed and seen. The full glory would suspend administration as shown in 2 Chronicles 6 and 7. The Priests could not continue their service but stayed prostrate. 

I saw one Facebook post where a poster was advocating suspending the Sunday services for a revival type administration and was met with opposition and advocating the continuation of the current rituals, bright lights and smoke.

While we continue to depend on the forms the “Ark” will remain at the “house of Abinadab “. It will be out of sight and out of mind. It is not until David that desiring after Covenant and Presence would end that season. It was a long season.

Many talk about having revivals, but really what they are having is meetings. However if like David we desire to bring the Ark then surely we must prepare like David had to prepare. David was to learn that the Presence is not to be invoked with recklessness. 

It is both God’s mercy and blessing that the Ark was not at the centre of things in the nation as God would change priesthood, king, people and generation. I would think that God waits today to change the leadership from building its own Kingdom, and change these aspects so that we gain a heart after God.

We see from David’s tabernacle that worship and praise went on each day and night. It was a temporary season. New Glory songs were written. We have some of them in Psalms. 

Every revival has its songs. They are rich in Word and experience. Not the happy superficial songs we sometimes get. 

The Ark takes us through seasons until we reach a solidification in the form of the temple where God’s glory is a permanent feature and where God keeps His Covenant. 

When God’s people recognise the preparation time when the “Ark is in the house of Abinadab” they rejoice because they know that even as God has not the centre of the nation major changes will occur to bring His David who shall bring His Glory back. God in this time is preparing revivalists. 

One of the vessels God used in the Welsh Revival (1904) was Evan Roberts, who prayed “God bend me” for 11 years. The revival did start in his church but not with him. It started with the young people in their meeting. It was in Loughor in the valleys of Wales. Once the outpouring started they fetched Evan Roberts to come and see for himself and then he was used to preach and minister. Over 100 thousand came to Christ in that revival. No-one thinks about the 11 years prayer and preparation. 

I believe our “Ark” is in the house of Abinadab and hidden so that we who recognise the season can prepare for the great things ahead. 


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