When words fail us…

This image has been etched on many minds. The building that became a towering inferno. 

Right now we have no clear cut answers or words to answer the question; “Why?” 

The only thing I can say is we must learn to be a national community that weeps for its dead, clothe its burned victims, a meal for its stricken hungry. 

Instead of searching for a sermon or a platform to speak about failings etc, what we must learn is the way that Yeshua suffered with us. When he approached Lazarus tomb in John 11, the shortest verse says ” Yeshua wept.”

He wept not because it was hopeless, but He identified with those in pain. 

Yeshua wants to take our pain in the sharing of it. He will bring new life out of it. 

Let us remember Grenfell Tower!


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